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Woodcutter is a job available at Lovely Lumber. It was added in Version 0.5.6 along with the Janitor job, and is one of 12 jobs in the game.


As a Woodcutter at Lovely Lumber, the player will cut trees with the axe given to the player after accepting the job.

Trees grow in places surrounding Lovely Lumber. Players can chop them down by standing in the correct position and then clicking the "chop" button to swing at the tree. It takes 7 swings per tree. Once the tree is down, the player will have completed one task. The tree will regrow after a short amount of time.

Lovely Lumber is run by Jack Lumber, a friendly lumberjack. His dialogue reveals that everyone in his family is named Jack, which he believes to be the best name.


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All earnings are calculated at maximum Mood but are not guaranteed to be precise.

Level Pay Per Task
No Excellent Employee Excellent Employee
1 $10 $20
2 $13 $26
3 $16 $32
4 $19 $38
5 $22 $44
6 $25 $50
35 - $322
36 - $330
37 - $339
38 - $348


The Lovely Lumber's uniform consists of:

  • Red and Black Plaid Shirt
  • Black Jeans
  • Brown Sneakers
  • An Axe


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