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Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki

The Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki has a set of policies and guidelines to ensure professional consistency on all articles and a friendly environment in the Discussions area. Consequences to user accounts will vary for not adhering to the guidelines.

User Conduct

By creating a Fandom account and using the Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki, you are at least 13 years of age (or at least 16 in the EEA area) and will adhere and follow Fandom's User Conduct and Fandom's Community Guidelines.

You will also adhere to not do the following on Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki:

  • Harass other Wiki users;
  • Vandalize pages nor edit user pages other than yours;
  • Post content containing any inappropriate language;
  • Post or share content that contains obscene, pornographic, abusive, or offensive content;
  • Post or transmit content that contains homophobia, ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, or content that encourages criminal conduct;
  • Post, upload, share, or save unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, solicitations, "spam", or any other type of unauthorized solicitation;
  • Impersonate a user, either a Roblox or a Wiki user;
  • Create and/or use accounts to evade blocks, manipulate an impression of an idea or post, or mislead users.

Editing Guidelines

Users will adhere to these guidelines in order to keep the Wiki professional and clean:

  • All information should be confirmed from ONE OR MORE of the following credible sources:
  • Keep a neutral point of view! Our Wiki wants to provide factual information instead of opinions.
  • Keep the content in an article in the third person! This wiki is for everyone, not just for one person. Exceptions are game descriptions.
    • For example, "you", "me", "I", etc. are not preferred, but rather "one", "they" or "players".
  • American English is preferred (-er, no 'u' in color, etc.)!
    • Adding pointless info is worse than not giving any info. We don't feed false content to our fellow players.
  • Citizens are "he" (unless specified otherwise), and players are "it" due to unconfirmed gender.
    • Susan Joiner, the Gazblox Worker, Minnie Miner and the Sledding Hut Worker are female. Customers are "them". All other citizens are male.
    • Regardless of their gender, some citizens and players have labels. Use "the" with labels, but not with names. He's "Tom", not "The Tom". This also means that notable citizens are "who", not "that".
  • Use the correct infobox! For example, don't use the {{Item}} infobox for skills.
  • Use correct capitalization! Unless it's the first word of a sentence, "skill", "job", "money", "mountain", et cetera should not be capitalized since they are not proper nouns.
  • Use actual headings, not paragraphs formatted in bold.
    • See that box that says "Paragraph" with a down arrow? Click it and select the appropriate heading level.
    • Similarly, use actual lists, not workarounds with asterisks or dashes.
  • Use links and bold text correctly! Bold text on articles should only be used on the first occurrence of the subject on the article, while a page should be only be linked to once in an article.
  • Make sure gallery before trivia to keep consistency of the article formatting.

Some Editing Guidelines are used from Editing Guidelines by Bee Swarm Simulator Wiki, licensed under CC-BY-3.0

Image Guidelines

If one wants to upload an image, they should adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Check for duplicates! One should check the image so that the image they wish to upload has already been uploaded.

Discussions Policies

Users using the Discussions feature will adhere to the following Discussions policies:

  1. Keep posts civil and be open-minded about differing opinions.
  2. Posts that solicit upvotes AND/OR comments are not permitted.
  3. Keep discussion language PG-13.
    • The Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki is strictly for users of ages 13 and up, in accordance with Fandom's Terms of Use.
    • BLACKLIST: Any abbreviation that contains the f-word or terms meant for mature audience is strictly prohibited.
  4. Do not share personal social media or any real-life information.
  5. Do not discuss any personal issues anywhere in the wiki.
  6. Any flame war, hateful conversation, or form of harassment will be deleted and will not be tolerated.
  7. Impersonation of users or people will result in a block until the impersonation is removed.
  8. Necroposting is not allowed.
    • Necroposting is defined as when a user replies or bumps a post, where the last activity was 14 or more days ago.
  9. Spamming, trolling, or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being blocked.
    • Spamming is considered a user who posts multiple posts in a short period.
    • Trollers are considered to be those who break one rule repeatedly or multiple rules in a short amount of time.
  10. Do not mini-moderate.
    • Mini-moderation is when a user acts as a moderator and chooses to issue a warning or reminder through Message Wall or in a post.
  11. Asking or begging for free money is prohibited. (see https://welcome-to-bloxburg.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000080298)
  12. Discussions posts regarding personal issues are prohibited.
  13. The Welcome to Bloxburg, House Building, and Giveaway categories will strictly contain only their related content with respect to their category name. For example, the Welcome to Bloxburg category will only relate to Welcome to Bloxburg-related topics (e.g., questions about the game, house building advice, etc.).

Discussions Guidelines are used from Rules and Guidelines by Adopt Me! Wiki, licensed under CC-BY-3.0


If you would like to appeal your block, please contact an Administrator on their Community Central Message Wall.

Please note, that if you have broken Roblox or Fandom's Terms of Use, you will not be able to appeal your block.

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