Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki
Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki

Contact the following users if you need to report vandalism, have questions or need help!

Staff (Wiki)

This table is for users that have a position on the Wiki. Discord usernames are in parentheses.

Rank Staff Members
Administrators Vastmine1029 (Vast#9961)
UnfunctioningFunctions (UnfunctioningFunctions#7215)
Content Moderators This wiki currently has no Content Moderators.
Discussions Moderators TwinkleMoonNight (RobloxGirlClem#6293)
Wiki Representative This wiki currently has no Wiki Representative.

Staff Reminders

Here are some reminders for staff members.

  • Follow the rules. Enforcing the rules upon contributors and Discord members is a staff member's primary job as part of the staff team. Do not disobey the rules of the wiki or Discord, otherwise punishments will be given.
  • Do not admin abuse. Admin abilities should not be used to falsely punish contributors or members. This includes lying, harassment, threatening, and more.
  • A staff member is not better than anyone else. The people have a say as well, having special abilities does not make you dictator of the wiki.
  • Powers are not first-resort. Powers should not be used if they are redundant in the case.
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