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Vehicles are the primary mode of transportation in Welcome to Bloxburg. Vehicles can be purchased from Mike's Motors or directly from Build Mode. The current price range of vehicles is from $2,300 to $170,000 and B$200 to B$8,000. Cheaper vehicles will often seat one to four players, while relatively expensive flagship or executive vehicles will seat four to seven players.

Vehicles are towed if they are left unattended for 5 minutes outside of the boundaries of a player's plot or not on a parking space. This will cause the vehicle in question to be respawned at its spawn point at the owner's plot.


Different vehicles have a varying numbers of seats, speeds, designs, and price. Following is a list displaying all vehicles ranging from the lowest to the highest price point.

Image Item Game Description Creator Cost
Kick Scooter.png
Kick Scooter A kick scooter for kids.
Stats: Speed: 20, Quality: 2, Reliability: 1, Seats: 1
EasyWheels Training Bike.png
EasyWheels Training Bike A bike with set of training wheels for better balance.
Stats: Speed: 14.7, Quality: 2, Reliability: 6, Seats: 1
Snow Scooter.png
Snow Scooter This strange looking kick scooter works great on snow.
Stats: Speed: 32, Quality: 2, Fun: 7, Reliability: 1, Seats: 1
EXO-Speed Mountain Bike.png
EXO-Speed Mountain Bike This lightweight kids mountainbike fitted with EXO-grip TRAIL tires will allow you to go almost anywhere on rough terrain.
Stats: Speed: 21, Quality: 3, Reliability: 4, Seats: 1
BloxMX Bike.png
BloxMX Bike The BloxMX bike is perfect for stunts and dirt jumping. Just remember to wear a helmet!
Stats: Speed: 25, Quality: 3, Reliability: 5, Seats: 1
EXO-Xtreme Mountain Bike This lightweight mountainbike fitted with EXO-grip TRAIL tires will allow you to go almost anywhere on rough terrain.
Stats: Speed: 30, Quality: 4, Reliability: 4, Seats: 1
LittleWheels Off-Road Crawler.png
LittleWheels Off-Road Crawler A small off-roader for the young driver.
Stats: Speed: 26, Quality: 4, Reliability: 6
Moped This classic moped might not be the fastest of vehicles, but it sure looks pretty.
Stats: Speed: 40, Quality: 6, Reliability: 4, Seats: 1
TurfTrooper Ride-On Mower.png
TurfTrooper Ride-On Mower A ride-on lawn mower.
Stats: Speed: 10, Quality: 7, Fun 5, Reliability: 8, Seats: 1
LittleWheels Cruisin' Convertible.png
LittleWheels Cruisin' Convertible A small convertible for the young driver.
Stats: Speed: 30, Quality: 5, Reliability: 5
Roat 500 A small car might not be the prettiest, but it sure works.
Stats: Speed: 50, Quality: 4, Reliability: 2, Seats: 2
Bloxai Voyage With its four seats and spacious design, this car is perfect for the family.
Stats: Speed: 60, Quality: 6, Reliability: 4, Seats: 4
Roto Minivan A large family minivan with 6 seats.
Stats: Speed: 60, Quality: 5, Reliability: 5, Seats: 6

Golf Cart A fully electric golf cart.
Stats: Speed: 54, Quality: 8, Fun 7, Reliability: 6, Seats: 4
Sno-Tek Snowmobile A fast winter vehicle for deep snow off-roading. (Not recommended for street use!)
Stats: Speed: 67, Quality: 7, Fun 9, Reliability: 10, Seats: 1
Sno-Tek LongTrak Snowmobile.png
Sno-Tek LongTrak Snowmobile A fast 2-seater winter vehicle for deep snow off-roading. (Not recommended for street use!)
Stats: Speed: 63, Quality: 8, Fun: 8, Reliability: 10, Seats: 2
Bloxavor 4x4 With this powerful offroad 4x4 from Bloxavor, you can drive absolutely anywhere.
Stats: Speed: 65, Quality: 6, Reliability: 10, Seats: 4
Noobus Superior This luxurious sedan from Noobus is truly superior.
Stats: Speed: 68, Quality: 9, Reliability: 7 Seats: 4
Skateboard An ordinary wooden skateboard, perfect for anyone wanting to do some sick tricks.
Stats: Speed: 35, Quality: 3, Reliability: 2, Seats: 1
Classic Motorcycle This great motorcycle from Bloxy Davidsson is the real deal.
Stats: Speed: 60, Quality: 8, Reliability: 10, Seats: 1
MadMud Quad Bike This all-terrain quad bike from MadMud is perfect for camping trips to the woods.
Stats: Speed: 60, Quality: 7, Fun 8, Reliability: 10, Seats: 1
QuikShift Go-Kart Voted best commuter vehicle in Robloxia!
Stats: Speed: 61, Quality: 6, Fun 10, Reliability: 5, Seats: 1
Bloxster DLX2 With a high-performance engine, turbo-boosted acceleration and Goodblox tires, this extremely powerful motorcycle can reach lightning fast speeds.
Stats: Speed: 70, Quality: 10, Reliability: 10, Seats: 1
Bord Bullet The new Bullet is the definition of a real muscle car with its powerful engine, shiny chrome details and matte paint job.
Stats: Speed: 70, Quality: 8, Reliability: 10, Seats: 2
Bloxus TS The Bloxus TS convertible is the perfect summer car. Just open up the roof and drive down to the beach.
Stats: Speed: 76, Quality: 9, Reliability: 8, Seats: 2
Noobus Limousine A luxurious Noobus stretch limousine with room for up to 7 passengers.
Stats: Speed: 63, Quality: 9, Reliability: 7, Seats: 7

Other Vehicles

The following vehicles cannot be bought by players, but still can be used in various circumstances.

Image Item Game Description Creator Cost
Delivery Moped N/A
Stats: Speed 35
Glider N/A



  • There is an unreleased vehicle owned solely by Coeptus, which players have most commonly referred to as the "Monster Truck." The monster truck is visualized as a Roat 500, but with oversized wheels which sit under the vehicle's model. Those who have seen it claim it is faster than any other vehicle in the game. This vehicle cannot be bought or obtained.
  • Mike's Motors offers no discount on vehicles. This also applies to other stores that sell items obtainable in Build Mode.
    • There are not a lot of vehicle options in Mike's Motors, as build mode currently has all the vehicles that you can purchase.
  • The Noobus Limousine is the most expensive Blockbux item in the game.
  • The Noobus Superior is the most expensive Money item in the game.
  • Converting Blockbux into Money Noobus Superior is the most expensive item in the game.
  • 'WTB 1234' Can be found on most vehicles' license plates, and means "Welcome to Bloxburg 1234."
  • Each car in-game has its own variant in real life.
    • The Roat 500's brand is based upon Fiat/Abarth, an Italian brand specialized in compact/rally vehicles.
      • The Roat 500 itself is based upon the Fiat 126/Polski Fiat 126p.
    • The Bloxai Voyage's brand is based upon Hyundai, an economical car brand.
      • The Voyage itself is based upon a 2008 Hyundai Accent Sedan.
    • The Bloxavor is not based upon a brand, but based upon the construction equipment known as an excavator.
      • The 4x4 is based on a Jeep Wrangler.
    • The Bord Bullet's brand is based upon Ford, an iconic American car brand, well known for the Ford Mustang, and pony cars in general.
      • The Bord Bullet's model is based upon multiple cars, most notably a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. While most people think that the Bullet's rear resembles more to the Mustang because of how the taillights split, in fact it resembles more to the Camaro. The most noticeable thing is that the rear lip spoiler looks like the one on the Camaro, while the Mustang either came with a small black plastic low level spoiler or none. The shape of the taillights also look more like what you would see on a Camaro.
    • The Bloxus TS' brand is based on Lexus, a luxury car brand.
      • The TS itself is based on a 2015 Mazda MX-5 Miata.
    • The Noobus' brand is based on Rolls Royce, an ultra-luxury car brand.
      • The Noobus Superior is based on a first generation Chrysler 300C. One might think it resembles more to the Rolls Royce Phantom, there are some noticeable differences. The most notable difference is that the Superior's headlights, which resembles to the Chrysler 300C. They're a bit round while the Phantom's headlights are square with round secondary headlights. Another difference is that the Superior had a chrome trim on the side profile, the 300C Touring Plus had chrome side trims, while the Phantom does not.
      • The Noobus has neon rectangular interior lights. However, these don't actually light up the car's interior as normal lights would.
      • The seat and window colors are linked.
  • Collisions are disabled for vehicles when it is not parked at its spawn point. This is likely to prevent players from using a vehicle as a boost in order to reach high places they would not usually be able to such as the balconies on the second floor of other player's houses, although it proves useless as it is still possible to go onto another players balcony using the Glider, provided the plot is close enough to the mountain.
  • The lights of the car lights up when a player gets in, but the lights will only turn off when the player drives it back to spawn or respawns it, so the lights will still stay on even when it is parked at the road.
  • The Noobus Limousine has the most seats at a grand total of 8.
  • The Sno-Tek Snowmobile, added in 0.9.3, is currently the only vehicle to be season specific. This vehicle is not available for purchase outside of the annual Christmas/Winter updates.
  • The fastest car is the Bloxus TS, as it has 76 speed.
  • The slowest car is the Roat 500.
  • The slowest vehicle is the TurfTrooper Ride-On Mower which was added in Version 0.9.7 at a speed of 10.
  • The most expensive vehicle is the Noobus Limousine which costs B$8,000.
  • The speed system in Bloxburg uses Roblox's standard speed system, SPS which probably means Studs Per Seconds.
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