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This article lists upcoming features and future updates and assets coming to Welcome to Bloxburg in future updates. Everything written in this article is based on popular community speculation and may not be entirely accurate to these future updates. All The information on this article though, is made to be as best as accurate as possible. To visit previous updates that have been released for it, click here.

Latest Welcome to Bloxburg Toilet & Bathroom Update Log Link Is Here: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/welcome-to-bloxburg-update-log/361910

This includes new foods and drinks, fireworks, outdoor and garden themed furniture, objects, and items (wicker set including it being a newly added material). Also ability to give trays and to eat foods all at once.

Version 0.11.0 Leaks? Or 1.0.0?

  • Some people think that the next update (0.10.9) is 0.11.0 or even 1.0.0. Because last year, the bloxburg update after 0.9.9 is 0.10.0.

Asset Submission Feature

  • A asset submission system is available on the Welcome to Bloxburg Server/Welcome to Bloxburg Utility and Reports Server.
  • This allows players to publish models/inspirations that players would like to see introduced, featured, and implemented into the game Welcome to Bloxburg.
  • This gives the community a voice to post their suggestions and recommendations on future furniture items for the game.
  • This can really benefit builders (players who mainly build in Bloxburg) because it gives an approach on what the audience want to see be added into the game, and demonstrates that Coeptus and Froggy want to fully listen and get attention on what the player base wants added and to acknowledge the requests they submit.
  • Instructions on how to submit your asset/model to the developers will be listed down below in image visual format.

Future Updates

This section displays confirmed plans for upcoming features in future updates of Welcome to Bloxburg. These features may not be implemented soon, but are in the works for an implementation in the future.

  • Full Release of Welcome to Bloxburg
    • Welcome to Bloxburg is currently in its beta stage of development, and will be publicly released in the future. This will likely mean that the game will be free to play and many bugs or glitches will be cleaned out.
    • Many essential features for the game will be added in its beta stage.
    • There is no set release date for Welcome to Bloxburg, however many speculate it will be publicly available in a few years.
  • Holiday Updates
  • Skills Expansion
    • Crafting is a skill that is not implemented into the game, but its progress UI can be found in the game. This skill will likely be related to users creating their own items without having to buy them.
    • Programming is also a skill that is also not implemented into the game, but its progress UI can be found in the game. This skill will likely be related to users creating code for various programs on computers.
    • There are likely other skills in development, like skills being associated for certain buildings or items releasing in a future update. However, it is likely that Crafting and Programming are the priority. There is no set release date for these skills.
  • Voice Chat
    • Sometime in the upcoming months, Welcome to Bloxburg might introduce voice chat, as with many other Roblox games. There is some speculation that voice chat may be implemented in a unique way, but it is unknown.
  • Roleplaying Expansion
    • Coeptus will be focusing on expanding roleplay options to players, such as more interactive items and buildings to roleplay with.
    • A school building is in development, while there is not much known about it, this will likely be a building in the center of the city that players may be able to roleplay as students and teachers. This could also be associated with some skills or jobs.
      • The school was an april fools prank whether a real one will ever come is unknown, but the town hall now has two library rooms
    • Pets are also in development, there is nothing known about pets, but many speculate it will be different and unique, unlike other games with their implementation of pets.
  • There are many other items, objects, furniture, features, improvements to gameplay, and enhancing experience type of updates that may come soon in Bloxburg but definetely in the future! Some things Coeptus has confirmed is planned but nothing really much said and known about these updates at all right now (all info based in the far past) and when they will be coming around. But numerous of things to wait patiently and expect future-wise in Welcome to Bloxburg!
While a school building and pets are both planned features, Coeptus has been focused on bigger priorities. I wouldn't expect these updates any time soon.

–Mikedop, 11/12/2018 on the Welcome to Bloxburg Roblox Group