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Tom is a tutorial guide in Welcome to Bloxburg. Tom guides new users through multiple game functions and offers information on how to play (Unless it is new years, making it impossible to speak to him). He also leaves in a real life week, or possibly after a few times you play the game. He gives the player $2,500, allows the player to select their home and offers general helpful advice to the player.

In Version 0.9.3, Tom made a re-appearance in the game. A new Christmas tree shop was opened and is operated by Tom.


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"Welcome to Bloxburg! Since you're new here I just wanted to say hi."

"Thanks, and nice to meet you!"

"No problem! Is there anything you'd like to know about this place?"

"Please tell me about Bloxburg!"

"Sure! Bloxburg is a small city in the heart of Robloxia. It's also one of the fastest growing cities this year!"

"What are all these houses?"

"Oh, that's the houses that your fellow neighbors have built. Looks good right?"

"What can I do here?"

"You can do almost whatever you want! Explore the surroundings, work to earn money, build an awesome house or just play."

"Tell me about building."

"You can build and design your own house however you want! Just click your Mailbox and then "Enter Build Mode" to get started."

"Tell me about working."

"To start working simply walk to one of the workspaces and begin your shift. Working will earn you money that you can spend on building your house!"


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  • Tom appears in most of the game thumbnails.
  • You could sell Tom in Build Mode for $0, but this has now been patched.
  • Sometimes, Tom glitches and goes underground, but currently this glitch is patched.
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