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Template:Game FeaturesIn Welcome to Bloxburg, there are four known titles that are implemented into the game, and can be found above a player's character while playing and in the chat. These titles can be found on players that have purchased Premium, players that are the host of their neighborhood, developers of Welcome to Bloxburg, and players that have contributed to the development of Welcome to Bloxburg.

These titles can be disabled by the players to not appear in the chat or over their character at any given time.


Premium Players

Players that own the Premium gamepass will receive this title. The title reads "Premium" with red text. They are, though, able to hide it and change their title to none.

Neighborhood Hosts

Players that own a personal neighborhood will receive this title. The title can only be seen while the player is playing in their neighborhood. The title reads "Host" in green text.


Coeptus is currently the only player in Welcome to Bloxburg that has this title. Players must be a developer of Welcome to Bloxburg to achieve this title. The title reads "Developer" in orange text.


Players that have contributed to the development of Welcome to Bloxburg will receive this title. Some contributors of Welcome to Bloxburg are FroggyHopz, Bramp1996, Mikedop, Catlateral, and StarryNight502. The title reads "Contributor" in green text.


  • Regular players do not have titles.
  • Titles cannot be renamed or turned into another color.
  • The setting to turn off a title in Options.

    Players who own a title have the ability to turn it off in Options.
  • Players that are both a host and have the Premium gamepass will have "Host" show up as their title in their neighborhood.
    • Premium will show up while playing on a regular Welcome to Bloxburg server.