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The Fishing Hut is a small building located near the beach. It offers the Fisherman job.



The Fishing Hut has a baby blue exterior, a dark brown roof, and a white trim. Various cardboard boxes can be seen inside and outside of the building. There is a dark grey anchor hanging near the entrance as a decoration.


Inside, there are multiple fishing rods of various colours leaning on the wall. A Fisherman occupies this building, and the player can talk to him.

Fisherman's Dialogue

"Arrr mate! What'cha want?"

"Where can I do some fishing?"

"Arr! Just grab a fishing rod to your right and go down to the water mate."

"You've been a fisherman for long?"

"Yarr! I've been finshing in these waters for longer than you've been alive mate."

"Wow! That's cool."

"You betcha mate! I've caught quite a few large fishes in my years."

"Sounds kinda boring..."

"Arrrrrr! Kids these days."



  • There is a typographical error in the Fisherman's dialogue, as it displays "finshing" instead of "fishing".
  • In early updates, there was a glitch where one can consequently get a fish on their first cast even if fish don't bother to bite. This was fixed in a later update, though.
  • If one does not mind technically exploiting, then during the Fisherman job, there is a way to increase stats. All one has to do is go far enough into the ocean that it triggers the “Taking a Swim” effect, they can use the “Sit” emote then continue casting their line. This requires a glitch where the character stands while casting, but it still counts as them sitting down. This increases Hygiene and Fun.
  • There used to a way to farm for money which got patched in Summer of 2020
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