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Stylez Hair Studio is a hair salon in Bloxburg that offers the Hairdresser job to the player. Players can also use the Avatar Editor in the hair studio. Bloxy Burgers is to the left of it, and to the right of it Bloxburg Fresh Food.



The Stylez Hair Studio is a small building that has brown bricks on the walls and a darker brown roof. You can see the inside of the building when looking from the front. On a gray section of the wall, a big purple text "Stylez" followed by small black text saying "HAIR STUDIO". There is also an ATM on the wall and above it, a white plaque with ATM written in green on it.


The inside is stark and simple. Just four beauty salons and a counter. NPCs will go to the beauty salons for hair jobs and stepping behind the counter will start a shift.


  • On rare occasions, a customer will enter and ask for a hair color and/or haircut that they already have.
  • The name "Stylez" is most likely based off of the popular ROBLOX game Stylz Salon.
  • Players can use this place to customize their avatar, without paying for a closet or wardrobe in Build Mode.
  • Behind the Stylez Hair Studio is the Janitorial services.
    • You will often see trash by the hair studio and Bloxy Burgers because of this.


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