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This is an example of some of the oldest status effects.

This is an example of some of the current status effects that players will see in-game.

Status Effects are granted by different assets, food and others. While many of them do nothing to the player, a good amount of them will replenish the player's Moods in some way.

Types of Effects


Name Description Effect Achieved By
Well Rested What a wonderful night's sleep. Lasting energy fulfillment. Waking up from a High-Quality Bed.
Sleeping... ??? Energy fulfillment depending on the quality of the bed. Sleeping in Any-Quality Bed.
Comfy Taking a quick rest can sometimes be quite nice. Energy fulfillment depending on the quality of the seat. Sitting on a High-Quality Seat.
Refreshing Shower Nothing beats a shower. Energy and hygiene fulfillment depending on the quality of the shower. Showering.
Feeling Fresh All nice and clean. Lasting energy fulfillment. After using the Shower/Bath, or Sink.
Shining Teeth With those teeth you might blind others. Hygiene increase depending on the quality of the sink. Brushing your teeth.
Getting Clean It's important to clean your hands properly. N/A Washing your hands.
Taking a Break How relaxing! Tier 1 energy increase. Sitting via the Emotes Menu.
Just Dance Look at these moves! Tier 1 fun increase, energy decrease. Dancing via the Emotes Menu.
Delicious Meal A very satisfying meal! You'll be full for a while. Lasting hunger fulfillment. Tier fluctuates based on what food was consumed.

Eating High-Quality Food

Tasty! A fruit a day keeps the doctor away. Lasting hunger fulfillment.

Eating fruits which includes Blueberry Muffins, S'mores, etc.

Caffeine Kick A great way to get some quick energy. N/A Drinking coffee.
Hydrated Nothing beats having something to drink. Lasting hunger fulfillment. Drinking any drink.
Entertained A great way to spend time, have fun and maybe even learn something. N/A Watching TV.
Remember to Flush! Guess it went down the toilet. Hygiene fulfillment depending on the quality of the toilet. Using a toilet.
Bookworm With some good literature, you can sure drift away to the land of wonders. Tier 1 fun fulfillment and energy decline. Reading a book.
Reliving Childhood Memories ... N/A Using a toy as an adult.
Jamming Creating musical masterpieces. Tier 1 fun fulfillment and energy decline. Playing an instrument.
Feel Your Creativity Flow Like a true artist, you let your creativity flow onto the canvas. Tier 1 energy decline. Painting.
Apprentice Author The book you're now writing will become a best-seller one day! N/A

Writing a book on a Computer.

YouBlocker Just like most people today, you browse YouBlock looking for fun videos. Tier 3 fun fulfillment. Watching YouBlock on a Computer.
Latest News (Keeping up with the news) You've got to know what's happening around you. N/A Reading the news on a Computer.
1337 G4m3ing Like a true pro, you are quick-scoping noobs, pwning noobs and being awesome at the same time. Tier 3 fun fulfillment. Playing a game on a Computer.

Never Been Faster (Like The Wind)

Running fast like the wind. Tier 2 stamina and hygiene decrease, an increase in the Athletic Skill. Running on a treadmill.
A Nice Walk (Walking An Extra Mile) Walking is a great way to exercise. Tier 1 stamina and hygiene decrease, and a mild increase in the Athletic Skill. Walking on a treadmill.
Professional Boxer (Just Like Rocky) Training your punches is great, as long as you only hit the bag. Tier 2 stamina and hygiene decrease, an increase in the Athletic Skill. Punching a punching bag.
Building Muscles If you continue like this, you'll look just like Parlus in no time. Tier 1 stamina and hygiene decrease, and a mild increase in the Athletic Skill. Lifting weights.
Ice Skating ??? Tier 1 stamina and hygiene decrease, and a mild increase in the Fun mood and the Athletic skill. Ice skating.
Great Hair Day ??? Tier 1 Hygiene increase. Brushing your hair.
Dry Hair ??? Tier 1 Hygiene increase. Using a Hair Dryer to dry your hair.
Doing Chores ??? Tier 1 Hygiene increase. Putting Clean Clothes in a Dresser, Doing the Dishes or Using Cleaning Equipment.
Close Friends Everything is better with a friend around! All moods decrease slower Being near a player on your Roblox friend list.
Relaxing Bath ??? Tier 1 Energy increase and Tier 3 Hygiene increase Use a bathtub.


Name Description Achieved by
Uncomfy This isn't very comfortable. Sitting down on a Low-Quality seat.
Uncomfortable N/A Waking up from an Unmade or Low-Quality Bed.
Unpleasant N/A After using Low-Quality Furniture.
Unpleasant Shower/Wash/Brushing (Removed) Atleast you got somewhat clean. After using Low-Quality Shower/Sink.
Caffeine Overdose Extremely tired and full of energy at the same time. Drinking two cups of coffee within a certain time frame.
Bland Meal Something to eat, but not exactly a culinary experience... Eating Low-Quality Food.
Still Cold Something to eat, but not exactly a culinary experience... Eating Heated Food.
Burning Hot! N/A Drinking Epicsauce.
Workout Fatigue N/A After using Training Items.


  • Many of the Status Effects hold grammatical and/or typographical errors, compared to other features in the game.
    • Commas are often misused.
    • Before an update, "Keeping up with the news" is not capitalized properly.
  • The "Reliving Childhood Memories" effect will be granted even if the player is a kid in-game.
  • "1337 G4m3ing's" title is a reference to "leet" speech, which is highly popularized on Roblox.
  • "1337 G4m3ing's" description implies that the player is playing an online shooter game, but this is displayed while playing any game at all.
  • "YouBlocker" is a continuation of the "YouBlock" reference to YouTube and plays on how YouTube content creators are referred to as YouTubers.
    • However, the phrase 'YouBlocker' seems to be granted to those who simply browse the website, as opposed to being limited those who make videos on it.
  • The "Reliving Childhood Memories'" description is only ellipses. It is unknown as to whether this was intentional or not.
  • Three of the negative Status Effects begin with the prefix 'un-'.
  • Most of the negative status effects have very notably similar descriptions.
    • Two of some other effects also have the same description.
  • Drinking two cups of coffee and getting a caffeine overdose isn't necessarily true, however, it is when the body starts to suffer consequences such as jitteriness, insomnia, and irritability as moods in the game, however, none of these changes will be noticeable to the player.
  • There used to be a status effect, "Just like Rocky" is likely a reference to Robert "Rocky" Balboa, the title character of the Rocky series, created (and played) by Sylvester Stallone.
  • The description of the "Building Muscles" effect references Parlus, a developer on Roblox.
  • "Unpleasant Shower/Wash/Brushing" was used after using a Shower/Bathtub/Sink, This Status Effect is removed on an unknown update.
  • The Status Effects' design was updated from a rounded square design to a circular design in 0.7.2.