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This feature is limited to certain events.

The Sledding Hut is a special location in Bloxburg that was introduced in Version 0.8.2. The Sledding Hut sells a variety of different sleds, which can be used to sled down the hill that's nearby the Sledding Hut, and food items. This can be found nearby the Campsite on the highway during the Christmas and New Year's event updates.

This location is set to be re-implemented in the game each year in December with the Ice Skating Rink.

How to Find

The Sledding Hut is located in an unusual part of Bloxburg. Players can find the Sledding Hut by traveling nearby the campsite and looking across the road.

Players can also find it by moving their vehicles across the snow and driving above the river.



The Sledding Hut is a small log cabin with snow covering the top of the hut. A parking lot is located to the left of the hut. There are two Stump Chairs and piles of snow outside the hut. Additionally, a Classic Sled is leaning against the wall of the structure.


The interior of the Sledding Hut houses the shop owner. There are three Candy Canes on the counter in front of the shop owner. A Plastic Sled and a Saucer Sled are leaning against the walls. There is currently nothing to do in the building, nor any access to it without walking through the window and getting stuck.

Location Implementation

The Sledding Hut can only be found during winter updates, when Bloxburg is covered in snow. The Sledding Hut has been proven to return to Bloxburg every year, and below is a list of all updates which have included the Sledding Hut.

  • v0.8.2 - v0.8.3
  • v0.9.3 - Present


Image Item Cost
Hot Chocolate $6
Candy Cane $8
Gingerbread Latte.png
Gingerbread Latte $9
Classic Sled $80
Innertube Sled $50
Plastic Sled $80
Saucer Sled $50


  • This is currently the second seasonal-exclusive location in Bloxburg, the other one being the Ice Skating Rink.
  • All the products, with the exception of Hot Chocolate, have a reversed image of their original images.
    • It is unknown why Coeptus uploaded alternate images of the sleds and candy canes.
  • This is the only location in Bloxburg where players can buy Candy Canes or sleds.
  • The same woman that works here is also believed to be the worker at Plenty O' Pumpkins.
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