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Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki

Skills are important stats that can be increased by performing specific tasks. There are a total of 10 skills in the game, 8 of which are currently implemented. However, Programming and Crafting are not implemented yet. Once maxed out to level 10, each skill rewards the player with a trophy that can be placed or sold.

Of the ten skills implemented in-game, three have benefits: Cooking, Music, and Gardening.

Athletic Cooking Crafting Gaming
AthleticTrophy.png CookingTrophy.png CraftingTrophy.png GamingTrophy.png
Gardening Intelligence Music Painting
GardeningTrophy.png IntelligenceTrophy.png MusicTrophy.png PaintingTrophy.png
Programming Writing
ProgrammingTrophy.png WritingTrophy.png



  • The player can also purchase additional unlocked trophies, located in the Decorations category of the Decorate tab in Build Mode.
  • In Version 0.6.8., the trophies were halved in value.
In Game AthleticWritingIntelligenceCookingGamingGardeningMusicPainting
Planned CraftingProgramming