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Seller is a job available at Ben's Ice Cream.


As a seller at Ben's Ice Cream, the player will make ice cream to sell to customers. Customers will walk up to one of three windows and order a ice cream which the player will then create.

There are three flavors of ice cream (strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla) as well as three toppings (sprinkles, caramel sauce, and peanuts.) Customers will request two scoops of ice cream (of varying flavors) and occasionally one topping.

If the player gives them the correct order, they will leave. If the player gives the incorrect order, they will say "This isn't what I ordered!", then walk away. If the player waits too long the customer will leave without saying anything.


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All earnings are calculated at maximum Mood but are not guaranteed to be precise.

Level Pay Per Task
No Excellent Employee Excellent Employee
1 $12 $22
2 $15 $27
3 $14 $31
4 - $28
5 $26 $40
6 $29 $44
7 - $49
12 $40 -
13 $50 -
14 $53 -


Ben's Ice Cream's uniform consists of:

  • Blue Cap
  • White Shirt with Black Tie
  • Tan Apron
  • Black Jeans
  • Black Shoes


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