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This feature is limited to certain events.

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The Santa Photo-Op is a holiday location in the city of Bloxburg. The location serves as aesthetics and can be used for posting pictures on social media. This location is only available during the Christmas event.

How to Find

Players can find the Santa Photo-Op by driving to the city center of Bloxburg and going near the City Hall.


The location’s design opens with a red carpet leading into a set of stairs and a stage. On the sides feature a variety of Christmas trees, stage lighting, gifts, and nutcrackers. On the back features a large fireplace with stockings, garlands, decorative snowflakes, light strings, and a large Christmas tree.

In the center is a bench where Santa is placed, players can sit next to Santa, which will allow them to take the perfect picture with Santa.


  • This is the first location in the city of Bloxburg to include a location in the middle of the city center.
  • The stage lighting is effective.
  • Most decorations used are from Build Mode.
  • Santa doesn’t move.
  • There is a plate of Holiday Cookies and milk on a table next to Santa that cannot be eaten.
  • When players are at the entrances of City Hall and Tom's Tree Lot and near and at the Photo-op area, players can hear the Intro Song.
  • In 0.10.2, you can now take a photo with Santa by using the button at the bottom of your screen. Despite, it is a secret update.


Here are some examples of various players taking selfies with Santa.

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