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Programming is one of 10 skills in Welcome to Bloxburg. However, it has not been implemented into the game yet.


Programming has been confirmed to be released in a future update and most of the Bloxburg community has shared their speculation on what could come with the programming skill.

  • It is almost certain that it will be earned through the use of a computer, most likely a new function of it altogether. It could be a Roblox Studio program added to the play tab under computers.
    • It might be possible that Lua/Roblox Lua might be the only languages you can learn due to Roblox using Lua for their studio.
  • A new job may be implemented in which the player takes on the role of being a computer programmer, and this skill would increase its yield.
    • If this were true, then unless other jobs are influenced by Skills in a similar manner (on release), it could be removed and have players progress through the job by completing tasks.
  • Programming may be for iSlim computers at a minimum, making it harder to acquire, some clues show that there may be some new items which can be bought through Blockbux (only able to get with premium, daily reward, or Robux) this item is most likely a new computer at the price of 1250 Blockbux.
  • It is possible that this skill's benefit is to program games and publish them to make money.
  • Similar to the Writing skill, it is possible that players can simply just type and have a script done.
    • This might mean that it could be a character and computer animation, and not actually programming.
  • Programming may be scrapped altogether.


  • It is unknown why the Programming skill's UI is in the game, despite not being implemented yet.
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