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This is an example of a pool on a random Wiki Editor's plot. There are additional assets that can be added onto the pool as seen in this image.

Pools are areas of water suitable for swimming that can be purchased in Build Mode. For players to create a pool, click and drag the cursor on the Build Mode grid to form a rectangular pool. Similar to Floor and Paths, Pools cannot be customized. There are certain Pool Items that are optimized for usage near or inside of a pool.

Pools can also increase your moods, swimming in water increases hygiene and fun but in return decreases energy.

They also change the pools visual settings in update 0.9.9 and removed in 0.10.1 update.

One unit of each pool can be listed as the following.

Types of Pools

Image Item Game Description Creator Cost
Shallow Pool A swimming pool with a depth of 3.5 studs.
Classic Pool A swimming pool with a depth of 8 studs.
Deep Pool A swimming pool with a depth of 11 studs.

Tips and Tricks

  • When placing a pool instead of having the basic grey cement walls, if you have the basement gamepass you can go to the basement level and create walls around the pool to create pool walls that are customizable!
  • To add more realism to a pool you can add Pool Items.
  • Before you create a pool, put a plain fence around it so you know how big its going to be.



  • An entirely classic pool the size of a regular plot (30 x 30) will cost $450,000.
  • An entirely classic pool the size of an expanded plot (60 x 60) will cost $1,800,000.
  • Most furniture cannot be placed on pools.
  • A pool can only be a rectangular shape, square shape, or a combination of the two. Currently, curved/circular pools are not available in the game yet. There are, however, tricks people use with the Advanced Placement and Basement gamepass to circumvent this problem.
  • The 0.7.4 update released new pool depths.
  • Players can't build a pool at the 1x1 edge of the plot just like with basements.
  • Players can fish in their pools.
  • The Bloxburg pool texture has been changed multiple times, it was changed to a plastic texture in 0.9.9 update and was changed alongside the addition of the 5 billion visits trophy(0.9.9b).
  • The bloxburg pool texture was re-verted to it's original texture as of version 0.10.1 HOORAYYYYY!!!!!

Pools List
Pools Shallow PoolClassic PoolDeep Pool
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