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This feature is limited to certain events.

Plenty O’ Pumpkins is a holiday location in the city of Bloxburg. Located across the street from Mike’s Motors, players can purchase pumpkins here which they will then go into your inventory for later use. Next to the hut sits a small table with a larger variety of pumpkins to pick from, alongside baskets full of mini pumpkins and apples. Players can also visit a trailer that is nearby the the small shop and sit on haystacks or in the trailer to take pictures from and post on social media to celebrate Halloween.


This location is very scattered, but the hut that the anonymous worker works in is a simple yellow wood plank hut with the logo of the location on the top, alongside a window to view the worker. The window has a ledge that houses mini pumpkins for decoration. Baskets of pumpkins and apples are on opposite sides of the hut, and players can buy some through there.

A small brown table is to the left of the hut that houses a large variety of pumpkins, which players can buy from. The pumpkins are $70-$80, discluding the miniature pumpkins. These pumpkins will be stored in the player’s inventory and can be used as decoration in Build Mode.

To the right of the hut, there is a small tractor trailer full of hay that players can sit on. The text “Happy Fall” is placed on the side of the trailer, alongside a scarecrow next to it. This serves no gameplay purpose outside of decoration, and is mostly to be used as a way to take screenshots of the game and share it on social media.


  • The trailer is anchored, which means it cannot be moved by a player.
  • Players will gain energy if sitting in the trailer.
  • Players cannot enter the hut, as the window is too small.
  • Players cannot buy anything from the trailer.
  • This is one of three locations that sells Build Mode items.
  • This is one of five locations that sells exclusive food products. These include Caramel Apples, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Apple Cider.
  • The anonymous worker appears to be similar to the worker on the Sledding Hut, but it is unsure.
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