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Plenty O' Pumpkins & Orchard is a farm located on the outskirts of Bloxburg. It is a small pumpkin and corn farm, also serving as a music and entertainment venue. It was released as part of Version 0.10.0.


The farm is situated on the hills overlooking the Riverside Estates region of Bloxburg. It has a parking lot that can accommodate 10 vehicles. At the entrance of the farm, there is a topiary of a Robloxian, Sabrina's Snacks, two flagpoles and a rustic farm entrance. This opens up to the food court, consisting of multiple picnic benches, fairy lights and trees. Straight ahead is the barn, which has been converted into a small snack bar which sells the same items as the Plenty O’ Pumpkins stall and is furnished with folding tables and chairs. Behind the barn are two large silos. On the right side of the farm, there is a music venue with multiple rows of chairs and a stage upon which Tom and the Beat Builders play music. There is also a playground with a playset and bouncy castle. To the left of the farm is where the crops are grown. There is a pumpkin patch which the player can purchase pumpkins from, a Plenty O' Pumpkins stall, and a large corn maze where players are able to achieve the Corn Maze Plaque if they reach the middle of the maze (until the update 0.11.0). There is a haunted mansion that is located beside the Sabrina's Snack during the version 0.12.0.


  • Players can earn the Corn Maze Plaque if they reach the middle of the corn maze during the Halloween event.
  • This is one of six locations that sells exclusive food products. These include Caramel Apples, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Apple Cider.
  • This is one of four locations that sells Build Mode items.
  • This was originally built as a regular plot by FroggyHopz, one of the game's devs, before becoming an actual location.
  • In Version 0.11.0, the stand "Sabrina's Snacks" was added outside the entrance.
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