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Pizza Planet is a restaurant in the city of Bloxburg. The location offers 2 different job positions: Pizza Baker and Delivery Person, and a place for players to purchase a variety of food products.



The rings of Pizza Planet act as an awning with glowing red words reading "Pizza Planet", the front side is shaped more like a UFO with a bright, bold yellow color and grey windows. When your language choice is anything other than English, a sign reads pizza planet hanging from the yellow roof. Giant windows are greeted in the front, with a grey entrance into the front of the building. The back of the restaurant is a simple rectangular area that is mostly grey.


The front is actively accepting new customers buying food from the Pizza Cashiers. Players can interact with the cashiers to buy food. The back of the building locates the kitchen on the left side of the building, where players can work as a Pizza Baker, and the delivery room, where players can work as a Delivery Person and collect new pizzas for the job.


Job Description
Delivery Person Deliver pizzas to pedestrians of Bloxburg.

This job has the highest salary but is very slow and tedious to perform (around 2 customers per min).

Pizza Baker Bake pizzas for customers.

This job (along with Bloxy Burger cashier) allows for multiple stations to be used at once to boost the player's pay substantially.

Income and promotion speed is doubled with the "Excellent Employee" gamepass.


Image Item Cost
Pizza Slice $6
Soda $3
Unavailable for Players
Pepperoni Pizza $14
Vegetable pizza.PNG
Vegetable Pizza $14
Cheese pizza.PNG
Cheese Pizza $10
Ham pizza.PNG
Ham Pizza $14
Mega Gulp $3



  • Pizza Planet does not offer a cashier position for the player. This may be because there are already two cashier positions in Welcome to Bloxburg.
  • Pizza Planet's Delivery person is the slowest job per task, as the average is more than $45 per 60 game minutes.
  • Pizza Planet's Pizza Bakers no longer allow the player to use all stations at once, and now forces the player to step closer to a certain station to initiate the GUI.
  • When using a phone, players can order a pizza from Pizza Planet. After ordering, an NPC will deliver the food to their house.
  • The design and name are based on “Pizza Planet” from Disney/Pixar’s animated film Toy Story.
  • In Version 0.7.9, Mega Gulp was replaced with Soda.
  • The letters on "Pizza Planet" used to be green, Now they are red. The orange rings around Pizza Planet also used to be red.
    • This change was likely made due to the similarities with Pizza Planet from Toy Story.
  • Players can actually obtain pepperoni pizza if players cook using a fridge and counter.
  • The Pizza Planet's Delivery Person job was formerly titled Delivery Man.
  • This location is one of two locations to offer more than one job.
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