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Throw Party GUI

Parties are events that can be started by clicking the "Throw Party" button in the "My House" tab. Players can also start a party by using a phone or by interacting with a mailbox.

By hosting a party, the host will invite everyone in the server over to their house, as well as turning everyone's permission to the host's house to "Guest". This command will not apply to players who are ranked as a "Roommate" or higher, nor will it apply to players ranked as "Blocked".

Players that accept the invitation by selecting "Yes" will be teleported next to the host's mailbox (landing at the left side, where one normally goes next to when using Build Mode).

"Who Can Invite" Option

If a player wishes to disable being invited to parties, they can change the "Who Can Invite" option through the options menu. This will also affect the game function of inviting specific players through the phone.

There are three settings to choose from:

  • Everyone (Everyone on the server can invite the player)
  • Friends (Only Roblox friends can invite the player)
  • No One (No one in the server can invite the player)


  • The closer the distance is to the host's house, the faster a plot will load.
  • If the player teleports to a party, but if they are blocked or if the owner is in Build Mode while teleporting, there may be a glitch of being led into the plot. If not, the player will be kicked out in around 3 seconds. This glitch has been patched in the recent updates.