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Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki

The Mountain is located directly behind Lovely Lumber. It is lofty and features winding pathways that direct the player uphill to the Gliding Range. Other nearby locations include Beach, Ben's Ice Cream and Gazblox.

It is mostly for aesthetics; however, at its peak are several Gliders, which are located at the Gliding Range, that can be used to fly to various points in the map. A ramp is found next to the Gliders and on the opposite side of the mountain.

The Bloxburg Cave is also located in the mountain.

The Bloxburg Cave

Main article: The Bloxburg Cave

Added in Version 0.7.1, a small cave is located in the side of the Mountain. Players are able to work as a Miner there. This is located next to Lovely Lumber, with a small opening that leads players to the mining area.


The Glider is available at the top of the Mountain. Players can use it for free and glide around the map. Gliders spawn in random colours. Players can only control the glider to go left or right however, not up or down.


  • With a Glider, players can land on top or inside of people's property. This includes the barrier put in place when the homeowner enters Build Mode or blocks players because it has a limited height.
  • Players used to be able to find the baseplate using a Glider. Future updates were able to patch the issue.
    • The baseplate is located behind the mountain, however it is currently not reachable
  • It is possible, but difficult, to reach the top of the Mountain using a vehicle. The paths are narrow, so it is likely that vehicles will fall/slip on the way up due to Roblox's physics engine.
  • Players can get a view of the entirety of Bloxburg from the top.
  • Players cannot drive cars into the cave, all other vehicles can be driven into it.
  • The Observatory is around mid-way to the top of the Mountain, on a flat surface of land on a cliff of the mountain.
  • Using the glider, it is possible to fly to a tube in the middle of the sky, where players spawn. This is confirmed as during a glitch if one's loading GUI doesnt load, they will be seen standing inside of it.
    • The tube is Medium stone grey and Plastic.


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