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These stats represent your mood, which will change depending on what you do.

–Game Description

This is an older mood menu.

Moods are a variety of four statistics that fluctuate based on the player's actions and status effects and can be viewed from the Moods menu on the bottom right of the screen. There is also a notch on the top of the screen reflecting a player's current mood.

All Moods will lower passively at a steady rate. In Version 0.7.0, being near a friend will cause all moods to decrease at a slower rate.

The current in-game moods menu. Instead of ">" to indicate the increase of stats it uses the "+" sign.

Currently, there are four moods in the game: hunger, fun, energy, and hygiene.


Mood If Mood is High If Mood is Low
Hunger Other moods decrease at a slow rate Other moods decrease at a fast rate
Fun Higher pay at work Lower pay at work
Energy Default Movement Speed Reduced Movement Speed and the player will look down as if they hadn't gotten enough sleep.
Hygiene No Stink Gas and Flies. Stink Gas and Flies surround the player, causing them to swat the flies with their hands, showing a "Swatting Flies" Status Effect.

Contrary to popular belief, players will not die if all Moods reach 0%. However, the player will walk slower, emit stink gas and flies and receive much less pay at their job. Because of this, it is highly recommended to keep Mood moderately high at all times.

Moods can also be increased via the "Boost Mood" button available in the Moods menu, which costs B$25 However, this option is only available if at least one of the player's mood gauges is below 50%.


The new mood position at the top of the screen.

Since Version 0.7.2, the mood emoticon is in the shape of a notch displaying a single word to match a player's mood in the game. This would also include various colors depending on the mood.

The Old Emotions Position before 0.7.2

This serves as a simple method of determining mood without looking at the Moods menu.

Positive Emotions

Mood Name Achieved By Superlative Color
Great/Marvelous Having high stats (at least 80%) N/A Blue
Energized If the highest mood is Energy N/A Pink
Happy If the highest mood is Fun Glad Green
Clean If the highest mood is Hygiene N/A Teal
Fine Having normal stats (lower than 80%) or if the highest mood is hunger. N/A Grey

Negative Emotions

Mood Name Achieved By Superlative Color
Dirty Low hygiene (Less than 36%) Stinky (Less than 11%) Brown
Tired Low energy (Less than 36%) Exhausted (Less than 11%) Black
Bored Low fun (Less than 31%) N/A Purple
Hungry Low Hunger (Less than 46%) Starving (Less than 21%) Red



  • If moods overlap, the one shown is the most recently triggered mood.
  • Having higher moods substantially increases pay during work.
  • If one of the mood bars goes below 80%, players will receive the same amount of money, as if they had full mood bars on their last rank. (For example, if a player got paid $30 for their last promotion and $33 on their current, they will only receive $30 instead of $33).
  • If a player has low energy, swimming becomes extremely difficult and slow.
  • Hunger is the fastest draining mood, while Hygiene is the slowest.
  • The "Walking Dead" emotion (very low energy) got replaced with the "Exhausted" emotion.
    • This is most likely a reference to (the real life) AMC's "The Walking Dead" television show.
  • All moods can be increased without a house.
  • In newer versions of the game, the mood is displayed as a notch.
  • When in Build Mode, your mood doesn't change and is stuck in a frozen state.
  • There are currently 2 mood menus.
  • You can turn off and on the flies and no stink gas by using Marvelous Mood gamepass.
Moods List
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