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Mike's Motors is an auto body shop and car dealership in Bloxburg , the owner of the motors is Mike Carson. Players are able to work as a mechanic in Mike's Motors, which will tend to the vehicles of NPCs, from mopeds to motorcycles, and help fix whatever the problem is, specified by the NPCs. Some of the problems include refilling oil, replacing tires, and spray painting their vehicles. There is currently no discount for purchasing vehicles from Mike's Motors instead of Build Mode, which is the same for Fancy Furniture.



Outside the building, you can see some windows. The walls are painted grey at the bottom and red at the top. There is large text saying "Mike's Motors" on a wall slightly outward from the rest.


Inside, there are two main rooms that can't be accessed from each other. In the first room, there is a big vehicle shop where you can buy vehicles and a counter, which Mike Carson stands behind. In the second room, there are red mats, 4 clerk counters, a paint stand, some oil and some tires. This is where the mechanic job takes place.

Mike Carson's Dialogue

"Welcome to Mike's Motors! What can I help you with today?"

"I'd like to buy a vehicle!"

"Sure! Just walk up to one of the display stands to buy a vehicle! You can also buy them directly in Build Mode."

"What is this place?"

"This is Mike's Motors, the best vehicle dealership in Bloxburg!"


Image Item Game Description Creator Cost
Moped This classic moped might not be the fastest of vehicles, but it sure looks pretty.
Stats: Speed 40, Quality 6, Reliability 4, Seats 1
Roat 500 A small car might not be the prettiest, but it sure works.
Stats: Speed 50, Quality 4, Reliability 2, Seats 2
Classic Motorcycle This great motorcycle from Bloxy Davidsson is the real deal.
Stats: Speed 60, Quality 8, Reliability 10, Seats 1
MadMud Quad Bike This all-terrain quad bike from MadMud is perfect for camping trips to the woods.
Stats: Speed 60, Quality 7, Fun 8, Reliability 10, Seats 1
Bloxster DLX2 With a high-performance engine, turbo-boosted acceleration and Goodblox tires, this extremely powerful motorcycle can reach lightning fast speeds.
Stats: Speed 70, Quality 10, Reliability 10, Seats 1
Bord Bullet The new Bullet is the definition of a real muscle car with its powerful engine, shiny chrome details and matte paint job.
Stats: Speed 70, Quality 8, Reliability 10, Seats 2



  • Mike's Motors name is named after Mikedop's real name, one of the contributors of Welcome to Bloxburg.
  • Players cannot have their own vehicle fixed in the shop.
  • Roblox once sold a real-life toy promo featuring Mike's Motors known as Welcome to Bloxburg: Mechanic Mayhem. Also, the player would receive a hat with "Mike's Motors" written on it with the toy's promo.
    • This toy is currently no longer sold.
  • Mike Carson sells 6 vehicles, 7 during the Christmas Update, as of 0.9.3.
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