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Janitor is a job available at the Green Clean. It was added in Version 0.5.6 along with the Woodcutter job.


As a janitor at Green Clean, the player will clean up trash as well as clean graffiti off of buildings.

There are three types of trash, and two different animations.

There are spilled sodas, trash heaps, and graffiti. Once a mess is cleaned, another will appear. Trash only seems to appear around the front of the store, along Stylez Hair Studio, as well as around Bloxy Burgers.

Soda and trash heaps will show the player using a Push Broom to wipe away the mess. Graffiti will depict the player spraying the wall, and then reaching up to use a sponge to wipe away the paint.

Glen the Janitor.

Trash heaps seem to be slightly randomized, spilled soda cups are multicolored, and graffiti will say miscellaneous things, some of which relate to the game and its developers. For instance, one of the various types of graffiti says "Coeptus", who is the owner and developer of Welcome to Bloxburg.

Inside of Green Clean, the player can speak to Glen the Janitor, though his dialogue is limited. At the back of the store, there are various shelves stocked with cleaning supplies. Upon entry, the work shift will begin, and the player will be given the tools necessary for the job.


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All earnings are calculated at maximum Mood but are not guaranteed to be precise.

Level Pay Per Task
No Excellent Employee Excellent Employee
1 $11 $22
2 $16 $32
3 $21 $42
4 $26 $52
5 $20 $62
9 $30 -
10 $40 -
12 - $82 -
14 - $64
15 - $97
16 - $103
- - -
22 $90 -
23 $93 - $94 -
24 $97 - $98 -
25 $100 - $101 -
26 $104 - $105 -
27 $107 - $108 $100
28 $111 - $112 -
- - -
35 - $204


  • In Version 0.6.4, players were able to jump while cleaning up messes to get the clean done, this did result in a delay, this bug was fixed in Update 0.6.5.
  • This is one of the only two jobs where a player must walk to an alternative location (separate from where the job is actually performed) to start their shift, the other being the Fisherman.
  • Before Version 0.6.5, players could drive a vehicle around to clean. But after the update, if a player entered a vehicle it would automatically end their shift.


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