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This feature is limited to certain events.

The Ice Skating Rink is a special location in the city of Bloxburg which was added in Version 0.7.1. Players can skate on the rink and perform spins, and can be used for roleplaying during the Christmas and New Year’s events. The Ice Skating Rink is located near Lovely Lumber and The Bloxburg Cave.

When players enter the Ice Skating Rink, players can simply walk through the entrance. Some skates will spawn for them, and they can begin skating.

This location is set to be re-implemented each year in December with the Sledding Hut.

How to Find

Players can find this location by traveling to the city center, passing Mike’s Motors and the Parking Garage, and getting near the Mountain.


The Ice Skating rink consists of a circular slab of skating ice. The border consists of a woven fence and various light poles. There is also a break in the fence for an entrance, with a mat consisting of purple and blue skates that you cannot interact with.

Location Implementation

Bloxburg has unique times when the Ice Skating Rink is implemented in Bloxburg.

  • v0.7.1 - v0.7.2
  • v0.8.2 - v0.8.3
  • v0.9.3 - Present

Ice Skating Status Effect

While skating on the rink, the player will receive an 'Ice Skating' status effect that will alter their mood and improve their Athletic skill.

Ice Skating
- Hygiene
- Energy
+ Fun
+ Athletic
Source: N/A



  • This location is only available during the Winter events.
  • There is a cool-down to use the 'spin' command. Players must wait for a while before using it again.
  • Players are able to skate while riding a moped or bike.
    • However, players cannot skate with any other vehicle.
    • Players are unable to spin whilst riding a moped.
  • The player will be given a random color of ice skate each time they enter the ice skating rink.
  • Players can purchase the skating ice, a mini version of it, in Build Mode.
  • The Ice Skating Rink takes up most of the park's space.
  • This was the one of the few locations that isn't a building.
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