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The House tab menu.

The fully customizable interior of a house.

The House is an important residential building where a player lives in Welcome to Bloxburg. All of the houses in Bloxburg (besides the prebuilt ones the player can choose from when they start a new game) are, in fact, created by the players themselves. The size of a house plot is 30x30 (900 units), while the size of a house plot with the Large Plot gamepass is 50x50 (2500 units).

Welcome to Bloxburg's house building system allows players to place walls, furniture, vehicles, windows, and more on the player's plot so that the player can make their own unique and original home. Many players choose to use their plots not just for houses, but for building restaurants, hotels, farms, small towns, villages and more thanks to the detailed customization system. This system is similar to the popular Sims video game series.

By default, players can only build on the first floor. The Multiple Floors gamepass will let players build up to the 5 floors, and the Basement gamepass will let players build one floor underground which totals 6 floors in your plot.

The plot owner can set house permissions for people they want to block or allow access into their house.

Plot Data


Plot data is the amount of space players have used on a plot. An empty plot has 0% plot data. Before update 0.10.1, players could only use up to 100% plot data; if they wanted to continue to add items after they reached this point, they had to remove other items on the plot. As of update 0.10.1, upon reaching 100% plot data, players are given the option to purchase an extra 20% plot data for 59 robux.

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House Bills

Main article: House Bills

Every few game days, the player must pay house bills. If the player fails to pay house bills on time, their electricity and water will be shut off, disabling the player from using anything of that nature until their bills are paid. Your bills price depends on the value of your home.

Note that the bills do not stack, and are not required to be paid, but one won't be able to use water and electricity.

The player can also choose to pay their house bills automatically by going to Options in the Main Menu and choosing "Automatically Pay Bills: Off/On".

Pre-built Homes

Six pre-built houses are also available in the menu upon either joining the game for the first time after wiping a player's data (removed, as of 0.6.9), or purchasing a new house slot for B$300.

Empty Plot

The Empty Plot is, as the name suggests, just an empty plot besides a mailbox and some trash bag.

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2016 Happy Home of Robloxia

The 2016 Happy Home of Robloxia is the old Bloxburg starter home. Not much is known about this house as not many players were documenting Bloxburg in its early years. This house includes a small living room with an old TV and bookshelf, a red bedroom with another bookshelf and side table, and a blue kitchen with a table, and a bathroom. This house contains 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

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Happy Home of Robloxia

The Happy Home of Robloxia is the starter home players can get for free. If one would like to buy another one though, it will cost $7,500. The Happy Home of Robloxia contains a charming outside, as well as a cute inside that, holds a small kitchen, basic living area and a bedroom with a dresser, bed, closet, as well as a small bathroom for hygiene.

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Cozy Cottage

The design of the Cozy Cottage is very similar to the design of the Happy Home of Robloxia, with a modern and rustic theme. The Cozy Cottage is a 2-bedroom/2-bathroom house containing newer, better quality appliances, as well as a family living area and front porch.

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Peaceful Living

The Peaceful Living is a one-bedroom house with a peaceful, suburban theme. The house's rooms are much bigger than the Happy Home of Robloxia and the Cozy Cottage's rooms. The Peaceful Living is also the cheapest pre-built house to have a garage.

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Classic Family Home

The Classic Family Home is a large, mini-mansion style home containing a large bedroom and living room, as well as a spacious kitchen with granite countertops and a large garage for vehicles.

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Small Suburban

The Small Suburban is the second most expensive pre-built house in the game, having two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a fenced in outside. It is based on suburban houses in the U.S. and Canada.

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The Bloxington Mansion

This house is the largest and most expensive pre-built house in the game. Being the only prebuilt house to have an outer wall, it boasts an amazing amount of rooms. Although it's expensive, it is partially a letdown, as the house value itself costs $138,000. It's modeled after villas, which you would most likely find in Spain, Italy, or even in California. Keep in mind that it only has one bedroom and no ceiling lights despite being an expensive mansion.

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  • Other gamepasses, such as the Multiple Floors and Advanced Placement gamepasses, are also available to allow users to further customize their house.
  • The Happy Home of Robloxia was redesigned in an update.
  • The standard mailbox and trash at the front of the house cannot be deleted. If left in their original states, they do not contribute to the house value.
  • The pre-built houses were added in the game (by earliest date of addition) as follows:
    1. Happy Home of Robloxia (Original), Bloxington Mansion
    2. Classic Family Home
    3. Happy Home of Robloxia (New), Cozy Cottage
    4. Peaceful Living, Small Suburban
  • If another player's house spawns in the plot where another player's house is supposed to spawn, a pop-up will inform them that the system is unable to load their house at that plot, and they will have to select another plot.
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