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Hairdresser is a job available at Stylez Hair Studio. This job allows the player to act as a hairdresser, and customize the NPCs that come into the studio.


As a hairdresser at Stylez Hair Studio, the player will be giving customers different hairstyles and hair colors that they want.

When the player stands behind a chair, a customer will sit down in it from their single file line. The mirror in front of them will now display the customer, as well as four different arrows. The first two allow the player to scroll through the selection of hairs, to the left and to the right. The other two let the player select the hair color. The customer will request a desired hairstyle and hair color, and then the player will select the requested hairstyle and hair color.

If the player succeeds, a task has been completed, and the customer will leave. If the player fails, an error noise will play, and the customer will exit the studio. If the player waits too long, then the customer will get up and leave.


  • Afro - DEFAULT
  • Sideswept - Left 1
  • Curly - Left 2
  • Long - Left 3
  • Bun - Left 4
  • Messy - Middle
  • Charming - Right 1
  • Combed - Right 2
  • Headband - Right 3
  • Pigtails - Right 4


  • Grey - DEFAULT
  • Pink - Left 1
  • Green - Left 2
  • Blue - Left 3
  • Red - Middle
  • Blonde - Right 1
  • Brown - Right 2
  • Black - Right 3


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All earnings are calculated at maximum Mood, but are not guaranteed to be precise.

Level Pay Per Task
No Excellent Employee Excellent Employee
1 $10 $20
2 $16 $32
3 $19 $38
5 $33 $58
50 $253 $536

Tips and Tricks

To efficiently make money as a hairdresser it takes a lot of memorization. If a player wishes to maximize their money in this job, they need to remember what arrows lead to what color/hair with the least clicks. Also, if a customer asks for either the default hairstyle or color, the player does not need to change them. If a customer asks for both defaults just click submit; it won't look right since they walk in the store with their own hairstyle, but remember that the hairstyle the player is seeing is not there, it is actually a grey afro.

Side note: if one plans on working long hours; they can take a book to work. This is beneficial because the fun mood influences how much money one will get per task completed, so a book will keep their character's fun maxed. Also, one can sit down, this will keep their energy full.


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