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Green Clean is a small building that offers the Janitor job to players and is run by Glen, an NPC. When players are employed as a Janitor, they have to clean up a small area of Bloxburg. The Janitor job consists of players picking up trash, cleaning up graffiti and spills, and other various tasks. Players have to work outside of the building which is surrounded by the Bloxy Burgers to it's left and the Stylez Hair Studio to it's right.



Green Clean is a tiny building with a grey brick exterior. There is a green recycling bin just by the entrance.


The interior is very stark and simple. There is a small grey counter that Glen the Janitor stands behind. To the left of him, there is another green recycling bin. To the right of him, there are various cleaning equipment in a small room. If you enter this room, you will become a janitor.

Glen the Janitor's Dialogue

"Hello... This is Green Clean... We offer the best janitorial services in Bloxburg... "

"I want to become a janitor!"

"Sure... Just go inside, grab some equipment and go clean the city... "

"What should I do exactly?"

"Clean up... You know, jitter, graffiti, and so on... "


"Sure... No problem... "

"Why so pessimistic?"

"Me... Pessimistic... Right... "


  • Certain messes to clean up are references to people or places. E.X: Coeptus has his name as graffiti on walls every once or twice in a while.
  • The possible messes are:
    • Coeptus (Graffiti)
    • Hello! (Graffiti)
    • Garbage pile (Garbage)
    • Drink spill (Garbage)
    • XD (Graffiti)
    • Bloxburg (Graffiti)
    • BLOX (Graffiti)
  • This is the only building in Bloxburg to have a fence surrounding it.
    • This is also the only building to be behind another building.


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