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The Graveyard is a brand new holiday location in the city of Bloxburg, and features a variety of Halloween items, especially tombstones, scattered across one of Bloxburg’s many parks. Players can find the Graveyard by traveling near the Mountain during the Halloween event.

Surrounded by a fence, players can enter through the opening that the fence creates and walk through the various tombstones and take in the aesthetics of the Graveyard, as the location has no central purpose outside of decoration.

The graveyard is only available during the Halloween events.


The Graveyard is surrounded by an exterior fence that is tall enough that players cannot jump over. As they enter in through the large opening on the front, a large brown trial leads them to the center of the Graveyard. The center features a variety of pumpkins and fountains that players can walk over. On the corners of the Graveyard sits a large amount of tombstones, with the back of the Graveyard featuring a closed Oof tomb and a skeleton with caution tape surrounding it.


  • Players cannot sleep in tombs, but they can sit on the stacks of hay scattered around the inside of the Graveyard.
  • The Graveyard was introduced to the game in Version 0.9.1.
  • An additional skeleton can be found under the wooden bridge emerging from the sand.
  • This is the only location in Bloxburg that features dead trees.
  • The fence around the Graveyard is tall enough so that you cannot get in from the outside exempt for the front gate.
  • It is speculated that Tom owns the Graveyard.
  • During Christmas and New Year's, the Ice Skating Rink is placed where the Graveyard is.
  • This is the only known location in game that players cannot interact with anything.
  • Players and NPCs cannot die.
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