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Glitches are mishaps or errors with a game's code that affect gameplay. Due to Welcome to Bloxburg being in its beta stage and is being actively worked on, there are several omnipresent glitches. Players can report glitches to Coeptus on twitter or in the Welcome to Bloxburg Reports Discord server.

General Fixes

There are few basic steps a player can take to fix most glitches. First, check ones internet connection. Many glitches can be caused by a slow internet connection. After this, try resetting, sometimes this will fix character-related glitches. Next, try rejoining the game as it is possible that the server may be laggy. Finally, give it time. Some glitch will resolve itself after a while. However, if all the options are exhausted and the glitch is still occuring, then report the glitch and specify the glitch in a way the developers will understand.

Known Glitches

Under The World Glitch

This glitch can happen on any device.

When a player drives their vehicle into the river at a certain angle, then jumps out, they will glitch through the side of the river under the world.

This can also be done by blocking a user and inviting them to your family. If you carry them into your plot, they will be forced outside the plot.

This can be fixed by simply resetting your character or if you are only halfway under the earth, doing an emote can occasionally snap you back up.

TV News Station Glitch

This glitch can happen on any device

If a player uses any TV then spam-clicks the "Change Channel" button, the scrolling text under the News Channel title will overlay and glitch out. This is caused because of a delay for the script that manages the TV channel. If the glitch is done in a large amount, the player might experience a drop in FPS and disappearance of the UI in Bloxburg.

This glitch can be fixed by either selling the TV or turning it off and on again.

Jumping Vehicles

This glitch can happen on Consoles, PC, and Mobile.

A vehicle can randomly starting jumping 1 - 6 stories high. Jumping out while in the air can cause the car to float in the air until the player decides to hop back into the main seat, sell the vehicle, respawn it, or if it is towed (if towing requirements are met). Hopping into the passenger seat will not cause the car to fall down. This occurs if a player has vehicle settings on high in the settings menu.

There is a similar glitch on PC, Windows, and mobile. If a player were to have a spike in lag while operating a vehicle, the vehicle may start jumping until the lag is reduced.

To fix this, try turning your settings down and checking your internet, as this is a lag-based glitch.

Unidentified Body Movement

This glitch can happen on handheld devices such as a tablet or phone.

Sometimes when a player enters the Bloxburg server, especially when one was to experience a spike in lag, the avatar from the torso up will begin to twist and move around out of the player's control. The player having the problem can also see nearby players doing the same thing.

There is a similar glitch that happens, that if they are lagging and they exit out of build mode, then the player's torso will twist and move around out of control until the lag is reduced.

Catalog Apparel

This glitch can happen on any device.

If one puts on an item in the Bloxburg virtual catalog, it might not show up as either the outfits may not appear, or the outfit copies the player's original Roblox virtual avatar. But, when the player exits the catalog, they will appear to have the item they chose on their avatar.

To fix this, check your internet connection. This is usually caused by the player's internet, or occasionally Roblox itself.

Death Sound Glitch

Sometimes, when players enter a Bloxburg server, half of the Roblox Death Sound is played before the main menu loads. It sounds like "OOF" followed by the loading of the menu.

This glitch goes away after the first time.

Health Down Glitch

This glitch can happen on any device.

Similar to the Death Sound Glitch, the outside of the player's screen may turn red for a second like it does when they get hurt in Roblox. Their health will not decrease.

This glitch like the Death Sound Glitch will go away quickly.

E Button Glitch

This glitch can happen on PC/Windows/Mac.

When a player is in the Pizza Delivery Job and hands a pizza to the customer while turning away from them, the game will have the E button there. This can be resolved if the player approaches or press anything else with the E button.

Missing Icon Bar Glitch

This glitch can happen on PC/Windows. It is related to the player's GUIs.

The 4 icons (The Shop, House, Player, Options) don't appear sometimes, however, it gets resolved after the player rejoins 1-4 times, and when the player is in build mode the white bar appears but all icons and functions are gone except the red Exit Build Mode button. This glitch occurs rarely unless the players computer struggles to load in and may occur commonly.

Zombie Animation Glitch

This glitch can happen on any platform.

Occasionally, when a player has the zombie animation pack equipped and is against a wall, jumping will cause the player to stuck onto the wall. The player can then sit to glitch through the wall.

This is usually done on purpose, however if it was done on accident, resetting or doing emotes will resolve the issue.

Floating Car Glitch

If one pulls their car onto someone's plot and their car is above the ground, when they leave, the car will float in midair where it was.

If the car is near the edge, then get in it and try to snap it out. If that does not work, ask the person to exit build mode or respawn the car.

Dishwasher Glitch

This glitch can happen on any platform.

When a dishwasher is put in a 0.8.6 counter such as a Craftsman Counter, the dishwasher will be unusable.

Try to replace the counter with a different counter, or rebuy it. If this does not work, rejoin the game.

Build Mode Exit Glitch

Sometimes, if one is building on somebody else's plot, when they exit Build Mode every so often the "force field" will remain in effect. It can be resolved by leaving and rejoining.

Money Purchasing Ban Glitch

When purchasing more than 11,000 dollars at a time, the player that giving or receiving it may be banned, this glitch can happen on any platform.

Try to contact Coeptus via his twitter and explain exactly what happened.

Sound Still Being Heard From TV Glitch

This glitch could happen on any device.

If the player sells the TV while it's still on, it can still be heard even if sold by the player. A way to resolve this is to buy the TV that was actually still on and on a channel that it was on before. If that does not work, leave and rejoin the game.

Sudden Time Freezing Glitch

This glitch can happen on PC/Windows/Mac.

Even if the players internet connection is fine, the Bloxburg server time may freeze any second, but players can still be seen moving around. Then, the Roblox error code 277 error code of internet connection could appear 1 – 59 seconds from the time freezing, also, remember that this is NOT because of the the players internet connection, so rejoining will fix this issue.

Pizza Box Disappearing Glitch

This glitch can happen on any platform.

When a player delivers a pizza for the Delivery Person job, it's possible that the pizza box will disappear from around a few studs away to the customer. The player must then get another pizza box and the customer will remain at their current location (the pizza that the player delivers next the player gets will point to the same customer).

Music Device Glitch

This glitch is similar to the "Sound still being heard from TV glitch".

This glitch can happen on any platform.

When a player sells a music device that is playing audio, the audio might continue to play without the music device. Players can fix this glitch by leaving Build Mode and then entering it again.

Chat Glitch

This glitch may happen on some devices.

This glitch usually happens when a player chats into the chat box and the message doesn't show up. This also happens when a player private messages into another player. Players can fix this glitch by leaving and rejoining the game or pressing backspace before chatting, however this glitch may still work even if the player leaves and rejoins. Yet, this is mostly a Roblox issue.

Loading Text Glitch

This glitch can happen on any platform.

When entering the game, the loading text might appear to be glitched. (This glitch does not affect gameplay)

This is often caused by internet connection. So it is advised to check one's internet connection.

Moped Glitch

This glitch can happen on PC's and Laptops.

Sometimes, when one drives the delivery moped, it may randomly stop and not decide to move. Sometimes this will require a change of mopeds, while at other times the glitch will last from 5 – 20 seconds.

Try exiting and getting back on the moped, if it doesn't work then get another as stated above.

Breaking into Home Glitch

This glitch can happen on any platform.

Upon sitting right beside a window or door, and turning the camera, players may be able to glitch into a home.

This glitch can only be done on purpose. It is ill-advise to break into other player houses.

Bicycle Tires Glitch

This glitch can happen on any platform.

When looking at a bicycle from different angles, the tires will change texture depending on which angle it is viewed from. It only occurs if the bicycle has been rode out of its spawning station.

Walking Through Doors Glitch

This glitch can happen on any platform.

When walking to a closed door, the player occasionally may be able walk through the door. Most of the time, this glitch is caused by an event in which the person hasn't loaded in the asset/door.

There is no way to activate this glitch manually.

Miner Glitch

This glitch can happen on all platforms

This glitch may occur when the player starts the miner job, there is a chance that the miner's helmet will not be equipped. This makes mining difficult due to the lack of light to illuminate the mines and potential TNTs.

Chandelier Glitch

This glitch can happen on all platforms.

This glitch may occur where a player can get glitched money by expanding a chandelier and undoing the action. This glitch has been patched and no longer works.

Object Not Deleting Glitch

This glitch can happen on all platforms, but this glitch is most common on PC.

Whenever trying to delete an object (most likely a wall), the object will not delete and will just say "Error".

This glitched can be resolved by leaving the game and rejoining and then trying again.