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Welcome to Bloxburg has a large and diverse community on Roblox, there are many platforms where players go and talk about Welcome to Bloxburg, including YouTube and Twitter. This article lists out official accounts by major influencers in the community on a variety of platforms. Some social media platforms, including Fandom, require players to be thirteen years or older to join.

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Content Creators


With 130K subscribers, Zilgon creates speed builds, tips and tricks, and challenges for Welcome to Bloxburg.


With 1.12M subscribers, PeetahBread is one of the largest Welcome to Bloxburg content creators. They mostly create builds, challenges, and roleplay content on their channel.


With 1.25M subscribers, DaPandaGirl creates builds, tips or tricks, challenges, and covers the latest updates.


With 575K subscribers, Ayzria creates builds, tips or tricks, challenges, latest updates, and roleplays on their channel.


With 1.52M subscribers, Amberry posts roleplays in the town of Bloxburg. They also occasionally post speedbuilds and tips and tricks while building.


With 1.07M subscribers, AshleyTheUnicorn posts speculation, tips and tricks, fun facts, and roleplays with Welcome to Bloxburg.


With 153K subscribers, Matsbxb posts news about upcoming features, tips and tricks for new features in the game, and building tips. Matsbxb has also worked with LucasBxB to create various projects on matsbxb’s channel.


With 745K subscribers, Anix posts humor and challenge videos with their subscribers about Welcome to Bloxburg.

It’s Akeila

With 1.05M subscribers, It’s Akeila uploads roleplaying content about Welcome to Bloxburg and speculation for the next updates.

Twitter Influencers

Everything Bloxburg

Everything Bloxburg is one of the largest fan accounts for Welcome to Bloxburg, operated by 7z99, they posts builds made by the community, tips and tricks, leaks, and much more.

Bloxburg Builds

Bloxburg Builds is one of the largest Twitter accounts for the latest builds designed by the community of Welcome to Bloxburg. They currently have 16.2K followers as of August 2022.

Instagram Influencers

Bloxburg News

Bloxburg News is Bloxburg’s largest fan account on Instagram! With 190K followers, this account posts frequent news about Welcome to Bloxburg, updates from the community, speculation, and tips and tricks for the game.

Bloxburg Plots

With 92.2k followers, Bloxburg Plots posts a variety of builds made by the community.

Roblox Groups

Welcome to Bloxburg: Fan Club

The Welcome to Bloxburg Fan Club is the largest Roblox group for players of Welcome to Bloxburg. This Roblox group is hosted by Coeptus, with selected administrators to update the status and moderate the group activity. As of May 2022, this group has 3M+ members.

Bloxburg News Official Group

The Bloxburg News Official Group is a Roblox Group with 8.6k members.



With 26.0k members, the r/Bloxburg community is a great way to share builds, leaks, suggestions. This subreddit is not official, and is operated by fellow members of the community.