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Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki
Used for easy floor building. Generate entire floor for an entire room with a single click, or choose manual placement for extra control!

–Game Description

Floor in build mode - automatic placement auto places floor in a room.

The Floor can be bought from Build Mode for $4 per square of floor. Similar to Roof, the player can automatically place Floors in a room. However, for further precision, the player is able to manually select points to place down a custom floor. Using the paint tool, you can change the material and color of a floor to make a house theme.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you manually place a floor with a texture (suggested some type of wood planks), and then repeat to add another floor in the area you just placed the floor (following the same pattern) you can make a different type of floor with more detail.
  • Place a floor in rectangles to avoid glitches.


  • Floors and Paths can intersect each other.
  • In the Version 0.8.5 and Version 0.8.6 updates, items could be placed on roofs, allowing roofs to become flooring. Prior to this, players required a floor to build 2nd/3rd/4th/5th floors.
  • Instead of using paths now people use flooring to create a path to their house
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