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Fisherman is a job available at The Fishing Hut.


At The Fishing Hut, nearby the Ferris Wheel, the player can become a fisherman and be given a fishing rod to cast at the shoreline. Once equipped, the player can cast it, but it won't do anything unless it makes it into the water. In due time, the bobber will sink into the water, and the player will then reel in the line to catch a fish, which promptly disappears, and gives them money. After casting a rod, it takes 5–20 seconds until the bobber dips, going in groups of 5 (5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds).

However, if the player reels in the line before a fish bites or if it's too late, nothing will happen, and the player gets no money from it.


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All earnings are calculated at maximum Mood but are not guaranteed to be precise.

Level Pay Per Task
No Excellent Employee Excellent Employee
1 $13 $26
2 $15 $30
3 $18 $36
4 $21 $42
5 $24 $48
6 $38 $76
10 $48 $96
11 $61 $122
13 $74
21 $73 $146
35 - $176
36 - $181
39 - $195
40 100 $200
- - -


The Fishing Hut uniform consists of:



  • In a former bug, one could always catch a fish on their first try despite the fish not biting.
  • There are 6 different colors of a fishing pole that are randomly chosen.
  • The fishing job could be taken anywhere (e.g. a house).
    • However, the fishing pole only works when applied in the ocean.
  • Players can only catch one fish at a time.
  • In earlier versions of the game (Prior to 4/10/2020), it was possible to autofarm this job using a macro. This was patched later.
  • Players can fish in their pools.
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