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The Ferris Wheel is located at the beach, near Ben's Ice Cream and The Fishing Hut. Players can use this location to relax, watch the sky, and roleplay. The Ferris Wheel sits on a large deck, with benches to the right of the Ferris Wheel.


  • The Ferris wheel is the only location in the game that has bright lights.
  • It takes about 110 seconds for the Ferris Wheel to do a full rotation.
  • There are twelve total seats on the Ferris Wheel. All seats can seat two players.
    • 24 players can be on the Ferris Wheel at a time.
  • There are four seat colors on the Ferris Wheel. This includes green, yellow, blue, and pink.
  • Players can have a side effect by riding on the Ferris Wheel.
Beautiful View!
++ Fun
+ Energy
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