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The Donation System GUI.

The Donation System allows players to give money to other players. There is no way to donate Blockbux (B$) in Bloxburg.


When a player wants to donate, they can input any value from $1 - $10,000. With the Premium gamepass, the donation limit is expanded to $1 - $50,000. After that, the maximum time required to wait for another donation is 24 hours in real time, but it truly depends based on the donation. If a player receives a donation which was made from exploiting, the player gets an appealable ban. When the ban is successfully appealed, the player gets unbanned and the money is removed from their account. If the players balance is less than the amount of exploited money they received, their balance goes into the negatives after getting unbanned.

Also, one will have to wait 24 hours, in real time, to donate if they had just bought access to the game. Being offline does count towards the time.



  • The Donation System was added in v0.3.5, and at the time, the amount of money a player was available to donate had no limit.
  • Around v.0.4.7 (exact update unknown), the Donation Limit saw a cap of $100,000 per donation, but had no cooldown. This was to dis-encourage the mass donation of newly exploited money (money obtained illegitimately) many Bloxburg players had from abusing item selling bugs.
  • Around v0.5.0 (exact update unknown) Coeptus added donation cooldowns, where after every donation the player would need to wait before donating again.
    • This cooldown was proportional to the size of the donation, having the player wait 60 seconds per $1,000 donated. (Example, if a player donated $10,000 then they would wait 10 minutes.)
    • Following this, the donation cooldowns saw many changes throughout updates, until the v0.7.9 update.
  • In the v0.7.9 update, the donation system caps were changed to $10,000 & $50,000 for normal and Premium users respectively.
    • The reasoning for this change involved a rise in exploited money floating around, which would lead to a rise in bans for possession of exploited money.
  • Players can toggle who can donate to them in options. They can set it to friends, nobody, or everybody.
  • Players can donate to anyone in the server using an ATM at either Stylez Hair Studio or Gazblox.
  • There was formerly a glitch where the player wasn't able to donate and the screen said "Request failed".