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The Delivery Person is one of the two jobs available at Pizza Planet, the other being the Pizza Baker.


As a Delivery Person at Pizza Planet, the player will be given access to drive a Moped to deliver pizza to an NPC customer waiting somewhere on the map.

The delivery area is accessible from both inside and outside of Pizza Planet. There will be a conveyor belt that dispenses pizzas for the player to pick up. Once the pizza is picked up, a translucent yellow arrow will appear, indicating where the waiting customer is on the map. A "Pizza Delivery Moped" is located directly outside the delivery area, and is required for delivering pizza to the customer.

Customers can be seen waiting outside in a variety of locations, most notably on the side of the road. The customer will thank the player and then leave when the pizza is delivered. After that, the player can return to the delivery area to get the next pizza.

The long and laborious procedure of delivering pizzas is a significant drawback. Furthermore, the rewards for the first three pizzas delivered are significantly lowered to discourage players from abandoning the job in order to gain a client closer to the delivery zone. Following that, the profits will be higher.

The Delivery Person job is used most frequently, as it is the most profitable job. At level 1, players will receive around $25 per delivery. After being promoted, the salary will increase. This repeats until players reach level 50, the highest level. By then, players receive an average of about $3000.

Players can earn more money from this and any other job by boosting up their mood, especially the Fun mood. Having a low Fun mood will decrease the player's pay. Players can also earn more money from a job by purchasing the Excellent Employee gamepass.


Note: All earnings are calculated at maximum Mood for the first delivery of the shift, but are not guaranteed to be precise, so take this with a grain of salt.

Level Pay Per Task
No Excellent Employee (Max moods) Excellent Employee
1 $25 $44
2 $36 $52
3 $48 $105
4 $90 $115
5 $110 $116
6 $183 – 6/25/21 $137
7 $151 $226
8 $120 $287
9 $318 $575
10 $296 – 7/7/21 $318
11 $325 – 7/12/21 $696
12 $505 $530 (as of 2021)
13 $545 $818
14 $293 (incorrect) $879
15 $625 $940
16 $658 $1000 (as of 3/10/21)
17 $707 $1061
18 $748 6/25/21 $1122
19 $788 $828
20 $829 $1246
21 $870 $1307
22 $910 as of 8/14/21 $1368
23 $951 8/22/21 $1428
24 $991 $1489
25 $1032 $1549
26 - $1609
27 $1113 $1670
28 - $1731
29 - $1791
30 - $1852
31 - $1913
32 - $1973
33 - $2033
34 - $2095
35 - $2157
36 - $2217
37 - $2278
38 - $2338
39 $1599 $2399
40 $1640 $2460
41 $1680 $2522
42 - $2582
43 - $2651
44 - $2712
45 - $2771
46 - $2821
47 - $2882
48 - $2942
49 - $3007
50 (MAX) $2500 $3062



  • It is possible to ride the moped inside the Pizza Planet Building, obtain a pizza while still riding the moped, and then deliver the pizza. This is especially convenient because the player does not have to get off their moped to acquire the pizza.
  • While on duty, it is possible to get down the Delivery Moped and interact with items that increase mood (food, comfort, electronics, plumbing, etc.), provided that the player must be close to the Delivery Moped upon interacting with said items (as walking farther while getting down the Delivery Moped suddenly ends your shift). This helps when the player recharges their mood in order to get a higher pay again after driving the Delivery Moped.
  • Players should try to follow the path of the arrow because it points to the direction of the customer.
  • It's quite simple to become bored, so listen to some music or do anything else to keep yourself entertained.
  • Keep your mood up. The better your mood, the more money you make.


  • Originally, Delivery Person was called Delivery Man.
    • The job title "Delivery Man" was most likely revised since further genders can all do it, and the moniker may look sexist to some players.
  • As of Version 0.6.4, the Delivery Person Job was considerably nerfed.
    • The first few pizza deliveries had their pay reduced to prevent players from cheating the system by intentionally leaving and rejoining work shifts for closer deliveries.
    • The pizza moped was made slower. It now has a speed of 35.
  • If a player strays away from their Moped while on the job, their shift will automatically end.
  • When a player is delivering pizza, the distance is randomized. They could deliver it right across the street, or at the end of Bloxy Acres or Riverside Estates.
    • This does not affect the player's pay- they will earn the same amount of money even if they travel a longer distance than others.
  • Sometimes if the player rides a Delivery Moped onto the yellow decorative ramp on Pizza Planet, the moped will glitch and the player's head will get stuck through the ramp. This is normally solved after a few seconds, and player's avatar will be reverted to before it was stuck.
    • However, there is also the chance that the player will become permanently stuck inside the ramp and will require a reset.
  • The moped functions like any other vehicle, however, it is restricted to Pizza Planet.
    • Players cannot buy the Pizza Planet moped; however, they can purchase a regular moped for $12,500 in Build Mode or Mike's Motors.
    • The Pizza Planet moped does not have a radio system.
  • This is the only job implemented into the game where players receive two promotional points per task completed without needing Excellent Employee.
    • If a player has the Excellent Employee game pass, they will earn four promotional points per task completed with this job.
    • Other jobs, aside from the miner job, normally receive one promotional point per task completed, or two if they have the Excellent Employee gamepass.
    • Because of the promotional point increase, players can notice that they receive more money than other jobs, however, over time, players will earn about the same amount of money as the other jobs.
  • Players can remove the moped off their plot.
  • If players go to their house and take a shower, they won't lose the job.
  • Before 0.5.6, if a player wanted to go to their House and shower, they would lose their job.
  • The Delivery Person job does not depend on the Pizza Baker to make pizzas. They will get a steady stream of boxes to deliver, regardless of how slow or fast a baker makes pizza, if there even is one.
  • This job is the only job that requires players to drive as of Version 0.10.3.
  • As of Version 0.9.5, a player's shift will no longer end if another player would go into build mode while the working player was on their plot, instead the player along with the Delivery Moped will be teleported out.
    • This now occurs with all vehicles.
  • Delivery Person is one of the most used Jobs in Bloxburg.
  • Delivery Person is the highest paying job in Bloxburg.
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