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Crafting is a skill in Welcome to Bloxburg which has not been implemented in the game yet.


Crafting has been confirmed to release in a future update and parts of the Welcome to Bloxburg community have shared their speculation on what could come with the crafting skill.

  • A common theory among the community is that it will involve creating furniture using a crafting bench or tools. Furniture could be added to the players inventory for later use.
    • It's also possible that unique furniture could be obtained through Crafting. (Meaning that items you craft with this skill cannot be purchased in Build Mode.)
    • Crafting may be a way for players who do not have a lot of money in the game to create furniture at a lower cost, thus being a great money-saver tool.
  • Crafting may be a repairing skill, and, similar to Sims, the player could be able to repair broken appliances with varying levels of success results.
    • Evidence supporting this is the "Reliability" Rating when you buy the appliance.
  • Judging from the trophy, it is possible that crafting could require a screwdriver and similar tools.
  • Crafting may be scrapped in development altogether.


  • It is unknown why the Crafting skill's UI is implemented in the game.
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