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Citizens are non-player characters (NPCs) in Welcome to Bloxburg. Most citizens are NPCs that only exist to allow the player to work at a job.

Notable Citizens

As of right now, there are seven notable citizens in Bloxburg that either offer the player jobs, guide them and sell items.

Unknown Citizens

Unknown Citizens are not in the game.


Ben is an unseen character who is the possible owner/founder of Ben's Ice Cream. It is unknown why Ben is not implemented into the game.



  • The population of Bloxburg, according to a billboard , that is so because Bloxburg Neighborhoods can host upto 50 players.
    • This was often mistaken with the server size going to expand in the future. Bloxburg will remain with 12 players in their servers.
  • Unlike the other jobs, the Stocker and Pizza Baker jobs don't involve any NPC.
  • NPCs come out of the fence on the left on Pizza Planet, as well as exit.
Citizens List
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