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The current New Year’s Day icon, which was redesigned in Version 0.9.4.

The icon of Bloxburg during the 2018 New Years event.

New Years Events are seasonal updates that celebrate the Gregorian calendar's new year. These updates are released at the very end of December, and usually feature removing Christmas items and features, alongside the return of various fireworks that users can buy.


Version 0.4.2 (2016-17)

  • Added New Years Fireworks!
  • Added Showers.
  • Added several new decorations.
  • Improved triangulation algorithm.
  • Testing mobile and tablet support.
  • Major bug fixes.

Version 0.6.0b (2017-18)

  • Added Fireworks.

Version 0.7.2 (2018-19)

  • Added fireworks, lasers and party supplies.
  • Added new cars; Noobus Superior and Noobus Limousine.
  • Added 3x3 ice skating block.
  • Removed Christmas decorations.
  • Major UI layout changes.
  • Major bug fixes.

Version 0.8.3 (2019-20)

  • Happy New Year! Re-added fireworks!
  • Removed Christmas themed objects and decoration.
  • Added new materials.
  • Major bug fixes.

Version 0.9.4 (2020-21)

  • Happy New Year! Re-added fireworks!
  • Added confetti poppers.
  • Added ability to equip balloons.
  • Added polka dot material.
  • Added placeable beams, rods, planks, moldings and chains.
  • Removed Christmas themed objects and decoration.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.10.3 (2021-22)

  • Happy New Year! Re-added fireworks!
  • Added fireworks display at City Hall.
  • Added New Years and party themed items.
  • Minor interface improvements.
  • Removed Christmas and Holiday themed objects and decoration.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Event Changes

Players cannot expect much from the New Year's Event. History has shown that New Year's events include the implementation of the Firework item and nothing else.

Bloxburg continues to be in a Winter theme with this event. This means that snow will continue to fall. Since this update does come right after the Christmas event, locations tend to stay the same as they were with the Christmas update. Players can go to the Ice Skating Rink and Sledding Hut for the rest of the Winter season.


  • Version 0.9.4 features the longest time a New Year’s Event has stayed on Welcome to Bloxburg, with 37 days leading to Version 0.9.5.
    • Combined with Version 0.9.3, 2020-21 set a record for the longest time the Winter map has stayed on the game, totaling 57 days.
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