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Christmas Updates are seasonal updates that implement exclusive items only on sale during the event, and the re-introduction of the Winter map. Christmas events traditionally begin in early to mid December.

Event Changelog

Version 0.4.1 (2016)

  • Testing mobile and tablet support.
  • Bloxburg is now covered in snow!
  • Added special Christmas items.
  • Christmas music in Main Menu and radios.
  • Added "Starter Pack" for new players.
  • Added ability to block players from entering your property.
  • Improved motorcycle and bike handling.
  • Added dialogue to some NPCs.
  • Major bug fixes.

Version 0.5.9 (2017)

  • Bloxburg is now covered in snow!
  • Added Winter and Christmas decoration.
  • Added fireplaces.
  • Added two new prebuilt houses.
    • Peaceful Living
    • Small Suburban
  • Added radio in vehicles for "Unlocked Stereo" gamepass.
  • Added repeat button in Playlist Menu.
  • Custom songs now save.
  • Major bug fixes.

Version 0.6.0a (2017)

  • Bloxburg is now covered in snow!
  • You can now allow others to build on your plot.
  • Added Quick Paint on PC.
  • Added Undo and Redo for some actions in Build Mode on PC.
  • Added Search bar in Build Mode.
  • Added Power Box for toggling all lights on the plot.
  • Added new furniture items.
  • Added Vehicle Suspension, Build Mode Time and Weather settings.
  • Major bug fixes.

Version 0.7.1 (2018)

  • Winter is here and Bloxburg is now covered in snow!
  • Added winter and Christmas decorations and furniture.
  • Added snowballs (use by interacting with your character).
  • Added ice skating rink.
  • Added mining job.
  • Added ability to move and replace mailbox and trash bags.
  • Build grid now changes color for better visibility.
  • Major bug fixes.

Version 0.8.2 (2019)

  • Winter is here! Bloxburg is now covered in snow.
  • Added winter and Christmas themed decorations, furniture and food.
  • Added sledding.
  • Added ability to rent your own personal neighborhoods (similar to private servers) with up to 50 players.
  • Added interact tooltip toggle setting.

Version 0.9.3 (2020)

  • Winter is here and Bloxburg is now covered in snow!
  • Added winter and Christmas themed decoration, furniture and food!
  • Added Tom’s Tree Lot and Santa Photo-Op.
  • Added Sno-Tek Snowmobile.
  • Added chimneys.
  • Added ability to build snowmen and throw snowballs.
  • Added ability to place some objects on roof wall sections.
  • Added ability to freely place banners, garlands and string lights between two points with Advanced Placement gamepass.
  • Added ice skating and sledding.
  • Minor build mode improvements.
  • Major bug fixes.

Version 0.10.2 (2021)

  • Winter is here! Bloxburg is now covered in snow!
  • Re-added Sledding, Ice Skating, Santa Photo-Op and Tom’s Tree Lot.
  • Added winter and holiday themed decorations, furniture and food.
  • Added Sno-Tek LongTrak Snowmobile and Snow Scooter.
  • Added ability to place wreaths on most doors.
  • Added background music volume setting.
  • Most seasonal objects now work with Scale tool.
  • Major bug fixes.

Event Changes

The Christmas event traditionally includes exclusive items from the previous year's events, and sometimes includes new seasonal items. These Christmas updates add many new items, including:

And more!

There are also many limited edition dishes that can be cooked and eaten during the Christmas event.

The Christmas event introduces the Winter Map, the ground turns into snow instead of grass, snow-covered trees, and more. Temporarily, the map will not rain, instead, it will snow. With the map, there will be exclusive locations for the season. Starting in v0.7.1, Bloxburg introduced a Ice Skating Rink, and the following year introduced the Sleighing Hut. Both of these locations are removed once the Winter map is removed.

Bloxburg during the Winter season (full view at nighttime)


  • Players can create snowballs using the snow on the ground on the Winter map.
  • The Winter map traditionally ends after the New Year's Event.
  • Version 0.5.9 features the earliest known time a Christmas event has released, which was December 1, 2017.
  • Version 0.9.3 features the latest known time a Christmas event has released, which was December 10, 2020.
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