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An important feature in Welcome to Bloxburg that other Roblox games don't have is an advanced building system, which in Welcome to Bloxburg is commonly referred to as Build Mode. Build Mode allows players to create advanced virtual architecture in a Roblox game. Build Mode allows players to build anything they would like using a large selection of items and infrastructure that can be placed anywhere on their own plot. Nearby players can see the plot change in real time, and all the changes made in Build Mode are immediately added and can be interacted with once the player exits Build Mode.

In exchange, players will need some in-game currency to purchase items and infrastructure, this can be obtained through work or buying it with robux. Players can also buy some gamepasses that will allow them to receive more features in Build Mode, such as building on multiple stories, building a basement, more precise building techniques, and more. Players can also choose from a variety of Starter Houses if they would like a pre-built house. These plots contain a basic model of a building that the player can adjust in Build Mode. Adding a new plot into the Main Menu costs B$300 and all houses cost some money, unless they choose an empty plot.

Players can enter Build Mode by interacting with their mailbox that is automatically attached to the front of their plot, then 'Build Mode', or clicking the house button on the bottom right side of their screen when they are in Bloxburg while on their plot. There's a large selection of items they can choose from, and more assets are implemented after each update.

In the front of every plot will be the player’s mailbox that can be used to toggle Build Mode. All they need to do is click or tap on the mailbox, then select “Build Mode”. Players can also access Build Mode by clicking or tapping on the house icon on the bottom right of the screen, then clicking or tapping on “Build Mode”, this only works if they are on their plot. They will be immediately greeted with the user interface and can begin building. Players can exit Build Mode by clicking or tapping on the large X button on the bottom right of the screen.

Build Mode is an active work in progress and players may experience some issues while building.

Basements Basic Shapes Chimneys Doors
BasementsIcon.png HorizontalWedge.png LargeStoneChimney.png TallGlassDoubleDoor.png
Fence Gates Fences Fireplaces Floor
ClassicFenceGate.png FloridFence.png ElegantFireplace.png PlanksRounded.png
Garden Mailboxes Paths Pillars
LargeOrganicTree.png BasicMailbox.png CobblestoneRounded.png RecessedSquarePillar.png
Pools Roof Stairs Structural
ClassicPool.png PyramidRoof.png ClassicStairs.png StandardSquareBeam.png
Trash Vehicles Walls Wall Trim
LargePlasticTrashCan.png ConvertibleCar.png BricksRounded.png FlatBaseboard.png

Appliances Baby & Kids Beds Cabinets
BasicStove.png BasicStroller.png IndustrialDoubleBed.png TraditionalTallGlassCabinet.png
Carpets Chairs Comfort Curtains
CheckeredBlanket.png RusticChair.png StylishSofa.png CurvedCurtain.png
Counters Decorations Electronics Instruments
ModernCounter.png FluffyUnicorn.png ISlimComputer.png AcousticGuitar.png
Household Lighting Plumbing Pool Items
ModernDryer.png ModernFixture.png ModernFloatingVanity.png DiveBoardHigh.png
Storage Tables Training
OAKBookcase.png RusticRoundTable.png PunchingBag.png


This is your personal inventory. Special items you've bought and collected are stored here.


Players can find an inventory in Build Mode by looking at the bottom left of their screen and clicking “Inventory”. The inventory stores items purchased with Blockbux, awards, and seasonal items. There is no limit to the amount of items that can be kept in an inventory.


Using Q and E can turn the screen.

Using W A S D can move the player’s view in Build Mode.

Using I and O can zoom in and out.

Using R can rotate items.

Using G can sell an item.

Using Ctrl+Z can undo an action, using Ctrl+Y can redo and action.

Using SPACE can give the player a birds-eye view of their plot.

Using H can activate or deactivate the grid.

Using Page Up and Page Down can move the player’s building up or down a floor.

Using F can activate the Paint Tool.

Using C can activate the Clone Tool.

Using V can activate the Scale Tool.

Using J can change the grid size.

Using K can activate or deactivate object collision.

Using U can activate or deactivate roof visibility.

Using B can change time of day (for the player's plot only while it's in build mode).


Build Mode Music


  • When a player enters Build Mode, they will appear right next to their mailbox while their plot will be surrounded by a translucent black box that will prevent any other players from entering the plot while they are building.
    • This same translucent box is used when another player is blocked from the plot.
  • If a player is inside the plot while the owner goes into Build Mode, they will be immediately teleported out, but if they are in a vehicle, they and their vehicle will be teleported out.
  • It was previously possible to land on the top of this barrier with the use of gliders. However, this has since been made impossible as the barrier has been extended further upward to prevent this from occurring - visually, there has been no modification to the barrier but the collision has been extended.
  • When selling items in Build Mode, it will be sold at 70% of the original price.
  • There is no in-game tutorial on how to use Build Mode.
  • In earlier versions of Welcome to Bloxburg, there used to be a loading screen before entering Build Mode via one's mailbox.
  • Prior to Version 0.5.9, a different build mode music was used. It was removed due to copyright.
Build Mode
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