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The Bloxburg Highway is a large highway in the city of Bloxburg added in Version 0.6.5. The Bloxburg Highway is located from the entrance of the Tunnel to the area around the Gazblox store. There is not much on the Bloxburg Highway, but it allows players to travel through the city of Bloxburg and take in the beauty. The highway is placed so it is higher up than any other part of Bloxburg, excluding the Mountain, and it makes it easier to get a view of houses and locations.

Depending on the vehicle the player users, it can take about two to six minutes in real time to travel through the entire highway. On foot, it can take about ten to fifteen minutes. This is the longest road in the city of Bloxburg.



At the beginning/end (depending on which side you call it) of the Bloxburg Highway, players can use the tunnel to visit the Observatory and Mountain. There are also 2 more tunnels on the highway itself, which have no purpose other than giving the player access to their neighbourhoods, or to ones they are invited to.


Located nearby the tunnel, the Campsite is a relaxing location where players can sit by a campsite and sleep in tents. It is surrounded by trees.

RB Battles Maze

Formally located next to the Campsite, players could walk through a challenging maze for an award during the RB Battles Championship. This event has already been ended.

Sledding Hut

During Christmas and New Year's, players can visit the Sledding Hut that is usually located nearby the Campsite. There they can buy sleds and sled down the steep hill, sometimes falling into the river.


One of two Gazblox stores, the other one being just a gas station, is located on the highway. Far away from the other locations, players can purchase a variety of food here, and park their car, if necessary.


  • There is a sign located on both ends on the highway that welcomes players to the city of Bloxburg, and its population says 50, also the maximum amount of players allowed in a neighbourhood.
  • Both entrances to the highway features hills and closed-in tunnels.
  • The highway is one of the newest locations to be added to Welcome to Bloxburg that is not a seasonal location, along with the other locations added within Version 0.6.5.
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