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Bloxburg Fresh Food is a grocery store in the city of Bloxburg. It was added into the game in update 0.3.5. Players can purchase food and work two different jobs at this location, which are the Stocker and Cashier job. The Cashier job requires players to scan items and place them in bags, while the Stocker job requires players to fill empty shelves with box crates in the stockroom. Nearby locations include Bloxburg Gym, Stylez Hair Studio and Bloxburg City Hall.



Bloxburg Fresh Food is a large building that is mostly light gray. On the walls are posters advertising apples, Bloxiade, canned beans and watermelons, all of which can be found and purchased in the store. Just above that, a green line is portrayed. The center also bulks out a bit. On the top of the center, a sign in dark gray with large green text "BFF" is on the top of the sign, while on the bottom there is a green box that says "Supermarket" in white.

There are two locked garage doors by the Green Clean building, with a small set or stairs to get up to. The garage doors lead to the supply room.


Inside the building, there is a load of shopping carts, 4 cashier workplaces, and a few bag crates. Posters with advertisements as the same of the outside posters (apples, Bloxiade, canned beans and watermelons), and the same Green/White theme seen outside. There is a small room that only serves as a purpose so that the player can work as a stocker.


Image Item Cost
Bloxy Cola $2
Banana $2
Grapes $2
Canned Beans $4
Potato Chips $2
Bloxiade $3
Apple $2
Water Bottle $2
Watermelon $5
Only for sale during Halloween
Witches Brew.png
Witches Brew $4
Unavailable for Players
Cheese N/A



  • The BFF Supermarket was added in Version 0.3.5
  • When a player purchases food products, instead of immediately being equipped by the player, the food will be stored inside of their fridge. If they do not have one, then it goes into their hand, available to eat instead.
  • In the cashier job, items may glitch off the conveyor belt.
  • This is the second building with two jobs, the first being Pizza Planet.
  • Near the front of the store are a lot of shopping carts that can be used for grocery shopping. The player can press E to pick up one of the carts and walk around the store paying for groceries, which will actually appear in the cart. They don't necessarily provide any real benefit other than providing a little bit of immersion.
  • BFF's Cashier and Stocker jobs have the same uniform.
  • As a cashier, the player can use approximately 50 bags before the workstation runs out. To refill bags, the player must go to the back of the store and interact with a crate of bags.
  • The bag crates share the same look as the ingredient crates featured in Pizza Planet's kitchen, however, they are notably darker, have no cross on it and have "Bags" across their respective crate instead of saying nothing at all.
  • Bloxburg Fresh Food is the second location to have a Cashier job open, the first being Bloxy Burgers.
  • The Watermelon is the most expensive item available in Bloxburg Fresh Food, costing 5 dollars.
  • Bloxiade, watermelons and apples were previously unavailable for purchase.
    • This increases the likelihood of cheese being purchasable in the future.
  • Players can use the carts outside of BFF, but when they unequip it, the cart will be lost.
  • If a player angles their camera correctly, they can see that behind the Bloxy Cola, Water Bottles, and the Bloxiade, that only half of the object is full. It is unknown whether or not this is intentional.
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