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Bloxburg City Hall is an aesthetic building in the city of Bloxburg. Currently, the building serves no gameplay purpose, but, it gives the town of Bloxburg a rather ravishing appearance. It is located at the centre of the city, and the nearby locations being Bloxburg Gym, Beat Nightclub and Bloxburg Fresh Food.

The Bloxburg City Hall is a work in progress.



The City hall is a mostly a red brick building with glass windows. A gray plaque with black text "Bloxburg City Hall" is located on the top of the exterior at the front. Gray pillars are present on the front, and behind them is the front door, which is currently the only door that you can go through.


The inside of the Bloxburg City Hall is a large foyer lined with bookshelves and tall glass doors that currently cannot be opened. The foyer also has a pair of stairs both at different sides leading up into a balcony with more bookshelves. The future plans for City Hall are not yet known by the media, but fans all across the world have their own opinions.



  • All the doors in the City Hall are locked, excluding the front door.
    • There are a total of 9 doors.
  • In early updates, players could go to a library on the left side of the building. You can view this older library in the Gallery below.
    • A mock-up of the library can be seen in the gallery, which is very accurate to the library officially used in the game.
  • When Welcome to Bloxburg reached the milestone of one billion visits (v0.7.7), the City Hall had a banner stating the phrase, "ONE BILLION VISITS!"
    • This banner will most likely never return onto the City Hall, as it only appeared via the One Billion Visit update.
  • Players used to be able to glitch through the locked City Hall doors and enter the hallway behind the door.
    • This would take you to a narrow hallway with a few plants in it.
    • Unfortunately, as updates passed, the glitch was patched, and you are no longer able to noclip through the doors.
  • Some players use the City Hall as a school.
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