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The city of Bloxburg.

Bloxburg is a fictional city that serves as the primary location in the popular Roblox game, 'Welcome to Bloxburg'.

The whole city is surrounded by a rock border and splits at the river that flows into a larger body of water. Rough Trees are found scattered across the map. The two ends of the border are currently located by the Beach.

Bloxburg has several buildings, most of them are located at the center. Other buildings can be found by the Beach, Mountain, or alongside the Highway. The outskirts of the city are separated into two areas, Bloxy Acres and Riverside Estates. These two areas are where the houses built by players can be found.

List of Locations

Job Locations

Location Image Description
Ben's Ice Cream
Bens ice cream fall.png
Ben's Ice Cream is located at a borderway along the road from the parking lot. People can enjoy their ice-cream while admiring the scenery here.
Jobs: Seller
Bloxburg Fresh Food
Bloxburg Fresh Food.png
The "Bloxburg Fresh Food Supermarket" (BFF Supermarket) is located in the central area of the town, opposite from the gym. The supermarket here sells fruits, vegetables, drinks, and snacks where players can buy here to store in their refrigerator.
Jobs: Cashier, Stocker
Bloxy Burgers
Bloxy Burgers is located at the central area of the town, opposite from Pizza Planet. It is a fast food restaurant for serving burgers, drinks and fries.
Jobs: Cashier
Green Clean
Green Clean Exterior 2021.png
Green Clean is located behind the BFF Supermarket and Stylez Hair Studio. It is a small janitorial area where people can work at.
Jobs: Janitor
Lovely Lumber
Lovely Lumber is located at the outskirts of the city. People can work there to chop trees.
Jobs: Woodcutter
Mike's Motors
Mike's Motors.jpg
Mike's Motors is located beside the parking lot. People can work there by walking to the side of the shop and start fixing motorbikes.
Jobs: Mechanic
Pizza Planet
Pizza Planet is a pizza restaurant inspired by sci-fi movies and is located in the central area of the town. It is a popular location for people who are looking for a job to work at and a place for hanging out.
Jobs: Pizza Baker, Delivery Person
Stylez Hair Studio
Stylez Hair Studio Exterior.png
Stylez Hair Studio is a barber shop right next to Bloxy Burgers. People can work there and be a hairstylist.
Jobs: Hairdresser
The Bloxburg Cave
The Bloxburg Cave is a cave located in the mountains of the city. People can work there and be a miner.
Jobs: Miner
The Fishing Hut
The Fishing Hut is located at the borderway along the road from the parking lot and is near Ben's Ice Cream. People can work there and be a fisherman.
Jobs: Fisherman

General Locations

Location Image Description
Beach at Night.jpg
A small sandy beach, with a ridable Ferris Wheel has a beautiful scenery. There is also a ice cream shop near by.
Beat Nightclub
A luxurious nightclub in the heart of the town with two vendors who sell drinks. Players with the Unlocked Stereo gamepass can use the DJ Booth and have a fun time vibing in the club.
Bloxburg City Hall
Bloxburg City Hall.png
It serves no purpose other than being in the center of town and a location for roleplaying. It may have an actual use in future updates.
Bloxburg Gym
A place where players can build up their athletic skills for free.
A small campsite that can be used by players. Players can roast some marshmallows at the campfire.
Fancy Furniture
Fancy Furniture.png
A furniture store where players can buy some Build Mode furniture.
Ferris Wheel
An attraction on the boardwalk. Sitting in it gives fun and energy.
A Gas station and Convenience store where players can Buy and stock up on snacks and drinks here.
Gliding Range
Gliding Range during the day.png
Players can access the Gliders and use them here.
The player's houses/plots.
Bloxburg Mountain.png
A location where players can climb up to get to the wind gliders.
An observatory where players can admire the view.
Parking Garage
A parking garage that has an unknown usage.
Players can drive through the tunnel to visit the Observatory.

Holiday Locations

Location Image Description
Boomer's Fireworks
A stand selling a variety of fireworks during Independence Day and New Year’s.
A graveyard that is used for aesthetics during Halloween.
Ice Skating Rink
An ice skating rink where players can skate during Christmas and New Year’s.
Plenty O’ Pumpkins
A hut and trailer that sells Autumn decorations and foods during Halloween.
Santa Photo-Op
An aesthetic building in the city of Bloxburg that players can use to take pictures with their avatar alongside Santa claus.
So Sweet
A stand in the front of The Bloxburg Fresh Food supermarket during Valentine's Day that sells a variety of sweets and items.
Sledding Hut
Sledding Hut.png
A hut that sells food and various types of sleds during Christmas and New Year’s.
Tom's Tree Lot
A tree and poinsettia shop run by the mayor of Bloxburg, "Tom", during Christmas.
Plenty O' Pumpkins & Orchard
Plenty O' Pumpkins & Orchard.png
A fall orchard that players can visit during the Halloween event.

Removed Locations

Location Image Description
RB Battles Maze
During the RB Battles Championship, players could visit the RB Battles Maze, complete the maze, and win a limited edition award.



  • According to a sign, Bloxburg has a population of 50 people which might have foreshadowed the Neighborhoods feature which have a limit of 50 players per server.
  • The Bloxburg tutorial guide, known as Tom, states that Bloxburg is in the heart of Robloxia, and that Bloxburg has a fast population growth.
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