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Beat Nightclub is a social hangout center in the city of Bloxburg. Players can socialize with friends, play music using the Gamepass "Unlocked Stereo", and order drinks such as the Bloxy Cola. Beat Nightclub is located to the left of Fancy Furniture and is across the street from Bloxburg Fresh Food.



Beat Nightclub is purple in color, with a variety of stripes on the front. There is a purple carpet in the entrance of the building, with a red and grey rope fence on the sides. On the top of the entrance, there is a giant "BEAT" logo illuminated in a purple color, with the text "NIGHTCLUB" below it. The corners of the building are consisted of grey blocks that appear black during night.


In the inside of this building, black painted walls cover each side of the first and second floor, with flashing lights and a dance floor. There are also NPCs serving as employees, selling drinks to the player. In this building there is also a second story that serves as a balcony and an overview throughout the entire building. There are tables placed all around in this building.


Image Item Cost
Bloxy Cola $2
Grape Juice $3
Orange Juice $3
Bloxiade $3
Water Bottle $2


  • Operating the DJ Booth will increase the player's Music skill.
    • Players must have the Unlocked Stereo gamepass to operate it.
  • In early versions of the game, grape juice used to be a served inside a wine glass. Due to Roblox's policy on avoiding alcoholic references, this was changed into a regular glass cup.
  • When getting close to Beat Nightclub players will hear music/audio without even being inside!
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