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Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki

The Beach is a location in Bloxburg. Players can sit in lounge chairs and make sandcastles, which leads into a large body of water, where players can swim in the water. Across the beach, there is a ferris wheel and Ben's Ice Cream.



  • During Autumn and Winter, the lounge chairs and ability to create sandcastles are removed. However, players can still swim in the water.
  • The Giant Seashell are located in the body of water attached to the beach.
  • Players can view the beach from the Observatory.
  • Players can fall off the map if they swim too far out in the ocean.
    • It is unknown why the development team have not added a barrier at the end.
  • The umbrellas on the beach can also be found in Build Mode, and they are known as Beach Umbrellas.
  • Players can see underneath the map if they glide with a glider to the end of the ocean.
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