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Basements are a gamepass feature introduced in Version 0.7.4. Basements allow players to build underneath the first floor in Build Mode for Robux 2019 Logo Black.svg 100. Players can build onto additional levels of their plot using the Multiple Floors gamepass.

Inserting a Basement

Players can insert basements by entering Build Mode entering the Build category and clicking on the Basements button. This will spawn a square as the cursor. Dragging on the grass will make the square bigger which will be used as a space for the basement. The size of the basement can vary depending on what the player chooses. Each 123x123 square of the basement costs $25. After the basement is placed, the player is able to add walls and floor to paint the inside of the basement which is similar to how walls and floors work. You cannot expand a basement by simply adding a door and walls, you must insert the basement first.

Tips and Tricks

This category displays a list of tips and tricks that players can use while using the Basements gamepass.

  • Players can create a small basement and add a carpet which matches the grass above to create a trap hole.
  • When creating a basement, it is recommended that players add stairs to the basement so they can get in and out with ease.
  • Players may need to select the "remove roof" button on the sidebar to get a clear view of the basement.
  • Like building on regular levels, adding walls to basements will give the players the option to paint and attach certain items to the walls and floor of the plot.
  • Placing basements over a pool may cause problems with the game.
  • Basements can only be placed one square away from the edge of the plot.


  • Basements are as deep as one level of a plot.
  • To signify that the basement is a building underground, the user interface will appear blue instead of the regular and clear outside.
  • Basements are currently the most affordable gamepass that a player can buy in Welcome to Bloxburg.
  • Basements require walls and floors, just like normal floors.
  • Players can't use pools and basements on top of each other. The two must be placed at least 2 tiles away from each other.
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