Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki
Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki

The Admin Console is a hidden feature that can perform a variety of commands. The console can be accessed by pressing Control + Shift + X at the same time on Windows or macOS.


Close - This command closes the console.

Save - "Saves game."

GetPlots - This command gives the number of plots on the server + open/taken plots.

Ping - Pings the server to check if the player is connected to it. The console will return with pong if the player is connected.

HideGui [Duration] - This hides all GUIs except for Roblox CoreGui (the Chat and Player List). "[Duration]" refers to the amount of time (in seconds) one wants to hide the GUIs. This means in order for the player to hide them for a minute or more, they would have to set it to 60 seconds or more. GUIs cannot reappear after being hidden and they must wait the set time unless they reopen the console and overwrite the duration by executing the command again, this may prove difficult as they will not be able to see the console but can still interface with it. The player can still interact with objects, but they're most likely to struggle as with objects that have multiple options will also be hidden.

Permission - Returns the player's permission level. Higher values of permission are required for certain commands. Permission requirements for commands can be found by using Help (Command).

Info - Returns information regarding the current version of the game, SyncedTimestamp and TotalItems.

BuildLook [State*] - "Change build looking state". (True/False)

FaceCamera [State*] - "Change face camera state". (True/False)

Help / Help (Command) - Returns a list of available commands. If help is followed by an argument it will return information about a command and how it is used, giving a description of the command, possible arguments, permission required to use the command, variants of the command (e.g. a variant of Info is "ver/version" and will return the same results as typing "Info" would) and what type of command it is (e.g. save is a Server type.)

Clear - Clears the console output.

Char_Debug - Prints the height values of the player. (HumanoidDescription height, Humanoid value height, Root height.)

QualityLevel - Returns the Quality Level the player is using. (1-10)

Time - Server's time (in military hours).

Memory (Time) (Cycles) - "Shows memory used by Lua for the client. The time argument is how long the check should be made, and cycles are how many times the check will repeat."

ServerMemory [Time] - "Shows memory used by Lua for the server."

Cam_Debug - Prints the camera values of the player (Position, CameraType, CameraSubject.)

Motherlode or Rosebud - This command is a reference to the Sims' admin console, specifically when the player wants to increase funds. Upon using this command, the player will receive two messages. The first being: "Increased player funds!" followed by "Just kidding...".

WeatherEffects (State*) - This command enables or disables weather effects, (rain and snow). (True/False)


  • The command "help motherlode" returns the message "Insufficient permission!".
  • As of Version 0.6.9, inputting "ping" will no longer give a player's server connection, but instead, the game replies with "pong."
  • The Admin Console is not case sensitive.
  • The Admin Console seems to be heavily inspired by the Sims' console and its commands.
  • Players cannot earn money or Blockbux using the Admin Console.